Allen & Heath AHM-32 32 x 32 Audio Matrix Processor


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Allen & Heath AHM-64 64 x 64 Audio Matrix Processor

64 x 64 Audio Matrix Processor, with 128 x 128 SLink Port, 12 x 12 Local Analog I/O, 8 Automatic Mic Mixers, and Mac/Win Software Manager
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  • Audio Matrix Processor with a versatile 64 x 64 audio processing matrix and 12 x 12 local analog audio I/O
  • Audio networking I/O port supports expansion up to 128 x 128
  • Dante digital audio network compatibility (64 x 64) via optional Dante card (sold separately)
  • Scalable design excels in corporate, retail, hospitality, and educational environments
  • 128 x 128 SLink expansion port accommodates remote expanders from Allen & Heath's Everything I/O series
  • 64 configurable processing outputs with EQ, dynamics control, Ambient Noise Compensation, and more
  • User-friendly System Manager software for Mac/Windows offers access to processing matrix and user profiles
  • 8 Automatic Mic Mixers ensure high-quality audio mixing in various applications

Elevate Audio Distribution: Allen & Heath AHM-64 Audio Matrix Processor
Step into a new era of versatile audio distribution with the Allen & Heath AHM-64 Audio Matrix Processor. Crafted for corporate, retail, hospitality, and educational settings, this unit offers a scalable solution to cater to diverse needs. Boasting 64 configurable processing outputs, the AHM-64 empowers you to create systems ranging from single boardrooms to extensive campuses, effortlessly accommodating the demands of your environment.

Seamless Integration: Enhanced Flexibility
The AHM-64 Audio Matrix Processor is your gateway to a seamlessly integrated audio experience. With 64 x 64 audio processing matrix and 12 x 12 local analog audio I/O, it provides a solid foundation for your audio needs. Additionally, an I/O port for audio networking (up to 128 x 128) ensures expanded connectivity options. For those seeking advanced capabilities, the Dante option card (sold separately) introduces 64 x 64 Dante digital audio network compatibility, enhancing your audio network's potential.

Adaptable to Your Ambitions: Scalable Design
Whether it's a boardroom, retail space, hospitality venue, or educational facility, the AHM-64 Audio Matrix Processor scales elegantly to meet your ambitions. Its adaptable design ensures that you have the tools required to enhance audio experiences across diverse environments.

Advanced Expansion: SLink Technology
Experience the power of expansion with the AHM-64's 128 x 128 SLink expansion port. This technology supports a range of remote expanders from Allen & Heath's esteemed Everything I/O series. This expansion capability further strengthens the processor's ability to cater to complex multi-room systems, offering dynamic solutions for any scenario.

Empower Your Audio: Comprehensive Processing Outputs
Harness the AHM-64's potential with 64 configurable processing outputs. Equipped with features such as EQ, dynamics control, Ambient Noise Compensation, and more, these outputs empower you to craft a tailored audio experience that meets your unique needs. This is not just sound; it's sonic precision.

Intuitive Management: System Manager Software
Navigating the AHM-64's capabilities is made effortless with the System Manager software for Mac and Windows. This software provides easy access to the processing matrix, 32 user profiles, event scheduling, and other essential functions. Empower yourself with streamlined management, enabling you to harness the full potential of your audio setup.

Achieve Perfection: Automatic Mic Mixers
The AHM-64 is equipped with 8 Automatic Mic Mixers that contribute to achieving impeccable audio quality in any application. Whether it's for a meeting, presentation, or performance, these mixers ensure your audio mix remains flawless and professional.

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