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Allen & Heath AHM-32 32 x 32 Audio Matrix Processor

32-in/32-out Audio Matrix Processor
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  • A revolutionary 32-in/32-out audio matrix processor engineered for sound management and installations.
  • Boasts 12 channels of bi-directional analog I/O, and an I/O port catering to networking up to 128 bi-directional channels.
  • Offers 32 configurable processing outputs, adaptable for mono/stereo zones and speaker processing.
  • Powered by a 96kHz FPGA core, delivering ultra-low latency for pristine sound control.
  • User-friendly front-panel screen and intuitive navigation.
  • Compatibility with IP1, IP6, and IP8 remote controllers.
  • Robust GPIO and third-party integration capabilities.
  • 8 programmable SoftKeys for effortless control over volume, source selection, preset recall, and more.
  • Advanced sound management includes automatic mic mixers, acoustic echo cancellation, ambient noise compensation, and priority ducking.
  • Individual EQ, dynamics, and delay control for each input and zone.
  • Speaker processing enhanced with a crossover filter, delay, limiter, and EQ.
  • The ultimate choice for multi-room applications in hospitality, corporate, and education settings

Revolutionize Sound Management with Allen & Heath AHM-32
Introducing the Allen & Heath AHM-32, a masterful 32-in/32-out audio matrix processor meticulously designed for sound management and installations. Tailor-made for diverse environments, this versatile powerhouse boasts exceptional capabilities that redefine audio control. From unrivaled connectivity to comprehensive sound manipulation, the AHM-32 is your gateway to superior sound orchestration.

Seamless Connectivity and Unparalleled Versatility
Equipped with 12 channels of bi-directional analog I/O and a dedicated I/O port for networking up to an astounding 128 bi-directional channels, the AHM-32 ensures you're never limited in your audio endeavors. It doesn't stop there – the matrix processor delivers 32 configurable processing outputs, catering to mono/stereo zones and speaker processing. With a 96kHz FPGA core delivering ultra-low latency, your sound management reaches a level of precision that sets the standard.

Intuitive Control at Your Fingertips
Effortless management is at the heart of the AHM-32. The user-friendly front-panel screen and intuitive navigation ensure that you're in complete control. Take advantage of compatibility with IP1, IP6, and IP8 remote controllers for seamless remote operation. Additionally, robust GPIO and third-party integration options offer a world of possibilities.

Tailored Sound Sculpting
The AHM-32 is more than just a processor – it's your tool for crafting impeccable sound. With 12 channels of acoustic echo cancellation, ambient noise compensation, and priority ducking, your audio is not just controlled, but elevated. Each input and zone comes with EQ, dynamics, and delay, empowering you to shape your sound with precision. Speaker processing takes it a step further, offering a crossover filter, delay, limiter, and EQ for unparalleled clarity.

Perfect for Multi-Room Environments
With its vast capabilities, the AHM-32 is the ideal choice for multi-room applications. Whether you're in the realm of hospitality, corporate settings, or education environments, this matrix processor ensures that your sound management is seamless and impeccable.

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