Allen & Heath AHM-32 32 x 32 Audio Matrix Processor

Allen & Heath AHM-16 16 x 16 Audio Matrix Processor

16-in/16-out Audio Matrix Processor
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  • 16-in/16-out audio matrix processor tailored for sound management and installation
  • 8 channels of bi-directional analog I/O
  • I/O port for networking up to 128 bi-directional channels
  • 96kHz FPGA core with ultra-low latency
  • Compatible with IP1, IP6, and IP8 remote controllers
  • Robust GPIO and 3rd-party integration
  • Sound management tools like an automatic mic mixer, ambient noise compensation, and priority ducking
  • EQ, dynamics, and delay on every input and zone

Allen & Heath AHM-16: The Pinnacle of Audio Matrix Processing
In the realm of sound management and installation, the Allen & Heath AHM-16 audio matrix processor stands out as a dazzling innovation. Tailored for professionals who demand precision and functionality, this device is a testament to Allen & Heath's commitment to supreme audio solutions.

Seamless Integration and Functionality
Every audio expert understands the magic of a seamless setup. The AHM-16 ensures that your sound system remains versatile and adaptive. With 16-in/16-out audio matrix processing, it integrates effortlessly into any setup, promising unparalleled sound management.

Advanced Connectivity for Modern Setups
The AHM-16 is not just about sound; it's about connectivity. With eight channels of bi-directional analog I/O and an I/O port capable of networking up to 128 bi-directional channels, it's designed for the future. The processor boasts a 96kHz FPGA core, ensuring ultra-low latency and a sensational audio experience.

Empower Your Sound Management
Imagine having tools like an automatic mic mixer, ambient noise compensation, and priority ducking at your fingertips. The AHM-16 makes this a reality. Additionally, every input and zone comes equipped with EQ, dynamics, and delay, ensuring that you have full control over your sound.

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