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dbx ZonePro 641 6x4 Digital Zone Processor

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6x4 Digital Zone Processor
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  • Six-channel input, four-output zone processor
  • Independent audio sources and paging priority for up to four zones
  • Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS) and AutoWarmth for enhanced audio quality
  • Dynamic DSP capabilities: compression, limiting, noise gating, ducking
  • Band-pass and crossover filters, notch filtering, and parametric EQ
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for consistent audio levels
  • Analog input bus for scalability and flexibility
  • Security lockout for protecting settings
  • Computer control via RS-232 for integration into larger systems

dbx 641: Flexible Six-Channel Zone Processor for Audio Management
The dbx 641 is a versatile six-channel input, four-output zone processor designed to provide comprehensive audio management and processing for various applications. With its wide range of features, the dbx 641 empowers users to tailor their audio distribution and control to specific environments and requirements.

Six-Channel Input, Four-Output Zone Processor
The dbx 641 allows for the processing of audio inputs and outputs, making it suitable for applications where precise control over audio signals is necessary. With its six input channels and four output zones, the dbx 641 can handle complex audio distribution scenarios with ease.

Zone Control and Independent Audio Sources
The dbx 641 supports up to four independent zones, each capable of receiving its own audio source with paging priority. This feature is useful for scenarios where different areas require distinct audio content or announcements. The optional ZC series of wall-mounted controllers allows local zone control for added convenience.

Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS) and AutoWarmth
The microphone input of the dbx 641 can have AFS (Advanced Feedback Suppression) inserted with a fixed or live filter response. This helps to eliminate feedback issues in environments with microphones. The AutoWarmth module provides a bass boost to low-level signals, ensuring a balanced audio experience even at lower volume levels.

Dynamic DSP and Processing Blocks
The dbx 641 includes various dynamic DSP capabilities such as compression, limiting, noise gating, and ducking. These tools help maintain consistent and clean audio levels while managing unwanted noise. Additionally, the unit features band-pass and crossover filters, notch filtering, and parametric EQ for fine-tuning audio quality.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and RS-232 Control
The AGC (Automatic Gain Control) feature ensures even audio levels across different sources and zones. The dbx 641 can be controlled and configured via RS-232, allowing for seamless integration into larger audio systems and setups.

Analog Input Bus and Scalability
The dbx 641 includes an analog input bus that allows inputs from one unit to be sent to another unit. This feature enables application scalability, making it suitable for more extensive audio distribution setups.

Security Lockout
The security lockout feature ensures that settings and configurations are protected, preventing unauthorized access and adjustments.

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