Chauvet DJ COLORband Pix ILS LED Strip Light Fixture


Chauvet COLORband T3 BT RGB Compact LED Linear Wash Light with Bluetooth

Chauvet DJ COLORband PIX-M ILS RGB LED Moving Strip Light

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31" Strip Light with 10 Tri-color 6-watt RGB LEDs, D-Fi USB Port, ILS Compatibility, and Wireless RF Compatibility
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  • Elevate your event with the formidable power of COLORBand Pix M ILS, a full-size linear wash light boasting 10 tri-color (RGB) LEDs. Its sweeping movement and diverse control options ensure an energizing and vibrant atmosphere that sets any occasion aglow.
  • Embrace creativity with a moving strip light that serves as a pixel mapping effect, blinder, or wall-washer, offering limitless possibilities to craft captivating visual displays.
  • Easily adjust the light's angle to your preference using the built-in motors, granting you precise control over its illumination, ensuring optimal coverage wherever it's needed.
  • Seamlessly command the COLORBand Pix M ILS with the built-in RF receiver, granting wireless control via optional RFC or RFC-XL remotes. Experience ILS compatibility, allowing harmonious coordination within the ILS ecosystem, and enjoy the freedom of D-Fi USB compatibility for wireless master/slave or DMX control.
  • With onboard 3 and 5-pin DMX connectors, the COLORBand Pix M ILS offers versatile DMX connection options, ensuring seamless integration into your existing lighting setup.
  • Unleash your artistic vision by creating mesmerizing animations and video effects through individual LED control, immersing your audience in a captivating visual experience.
  • Facilitate hassle-free power linking using the powerCON®-compatible power input/output connections, streamlining setup and enhancing reliability.

Ignite your event with the brilliance of the COLORBand Pix M ILS. This dynamic linear wash light, equipped with 10 tri-color (RGB) LEDs, adds a burst of energy to any occasion. Watch in awe as sweeping movements create dynamic effects, functioning seamlessly as a pixel mapping marvel, a versatile blinder, or an immersive wall-washer. The motorized adjustability allows you to tailor the light's angle to your precise needs, ensuring every corner is bathed in vibrant illumination.

The convenience of wireless control is at your fingertips, with the built-in RF receiver enabling wireless command via the optional RFC or RFC-XL remotes. Compatibility with the Integrated Lighting System (ILS) offers an elevated level of coordination across fixtures, allowing you to synchronize your light show effortlessly. For those who crave freedom in control, the D-Fi USB compatibility enables wireless master/slave or DMX control, giving you unparalleled mastery over your lighting.

The COLORBand Pix M ILS opens the door to boundless creativity, allowing you to craft captivating animations and mesmerizing video effects through individual LED control. Its onboard 3 and 5-pin DMX connectors ensure seamless integration into various setups, providing flexibility in your lighting arrangement. The powerCON®-compatible power input/output connections simplify power linking, streamlining your setup and ensuring uninterrupted illumination.

With the option to transport and store your valuable investment in the CHS-60 VIP Gear Bag, the COLORBand Pix M ILS ensures that your dazzling light show is always within reach. Whether you're illuminating a live performance, energizing a special event, or enhancing your production, the COLORBand Pix M ILS stands ready to transform your vision into a breathtaking reality.

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