Chauvet DJ COLORband H9 ILS


Chauvet DJ COLORband PIX-M ILS RGB LED Moving Strip Light

Chauvet DJ COLORband Pix ILS LED Strip Light Fixture

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38" Strip Wash Fixture with 12 x 3-watt RGB LEDs, Wireless Control, ILS Compatibility, and D-FI USB Compatibility
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  • Elevate your lighting setup with the COLORband Pix ILS, a versatile full-size LED strip light that functions as a pixel mapping effect, blinder, or wall washer.
  • Effortlessly control your light show using the built-in RF receiver with the optional RFC or RFC-XL remotes, allowing for seamless wireless operation.
  • Experience coordinated light shows across different fixture types with Integrated Lighting System (ILS) compatibility, enhancing the visual impact of your events.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of wireless Master/Slave or DMX control through D-Fi USB compatibility, giving you complete command over your lighting setup.
  • Unleash your creativity and create captivating animations and video effects with individual LED control, adding an immersive visual element to your performances.
  • Access a variety of pre-built programs with or without DMX, making it easy to enhance your light show and create stunning visual displays.
  • Easily generate complex shows using ShowXpress Pixels, allowing you to craft intricate and mesmerizing lighting sequences effortlessly.
  • Ensure high-quality video production with flicker-free video operation, making the COLORband Pix ILS an excellent choice for on-camera use.

Unleash Visual Brilliance
Experience the transformative power of the COLORband Pix ILS LED strip light. Packed with versatility and cutting-edge features, this 38" strip wash fixture, equipped with 12 x 3-watt RGB LEDs, empowers lighting professionals, event planners, and performers to create stunning pixel mapping effects and captivating light shows.

Limitless Creativity
Tailored for those seeking unparalleled control and flexibility, the COLORband Pix ILS is designed to enhance any event, stage performance, or production. Its wireless control options, ILS compatibility, and flicker-free operation make it a cornerstone for creating dynamic pixel effects and orchestrating complex shows with seamless coordination.

Applications and Potential Uses
From live performances to events and stage productions, this LED strip light acts as a catalyst for a myriad of visual enhancements. Ideal for lighting designers, event planners, and artists looking to push the boundaries of visual creativity, it opens doors to innovative and mesmerizing lighting displays.

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