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Chauvet DJ EVE E-50Z 50W WW LED Ellipsoidal with White Housing

Chauvet DJ EVE E-50Z 50W Warm White LED Ellipsoidal - Black Housing

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Flicker-free 50W LED Ellipsoidal Spotlight with 20- to 39-degree Manual Zoom, Framing Shutters, DMX Control, and D-Fi USB Compatibility
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  • The EVE E-50Z boasts a powerful 50W LED Ellipsoidal that creates a precise and hard-edged warm white spotlight, allowing you to elegantly accentuate focal points and subjects in any direction.
  • Unlock your creativity with framing shutters that enable effortless alteration and control of the projected beam. Sculpt your lighting with finesse, adding depth and drama to your scenes.
  • Whether up close or at a distance, the EVE E-50Z offers unparalleled flexibility with its manual zoom feature. This means you can cast your spotlight from virtually any range, tailoring your visuals to perfection.
  • Elevate your lighting control with D-Fi USB compatibility, granting you the freedom of wireless Master/Slave or DMX control. No more constraints, no more clutter – just seamless command over your lighting.
  • Capture the spotlight without a hint of flicker. The EVE E-50Z's flicker-free operation ensures it shines brilliantly even in on-camera scenarios, making it an excellent choice for broadcasting or recording setups.
  • This lighting marvel comes equipped with holders for glass and steel gobos, along with a gel frame. Let your imagination run wild as you experiment with textures, patterns, and colors to craft captivating visual narratives.
  • Say goodbye to cable chaos. Power-link multiple EVE E-50Z units together, saving you time, effort, and the need for numerous extension cords.
  • With standalone operation, you're in command even without DMX control. Streamline your setup and let the EVE E-50Z's independent mode impress with its captivating lighting displays.

Illuminate Your Space with Precision: Chauvet DJ EVE E-50Z 50W LED Ellipsoidal

Step into a world of radiant illumination with the EVE E-50Z 50W LED Ellipsoidal from Chauvet DJ. This cutting-edge lighting fixture is your ultimate solution for both mobile setups and permanent installations, casting a captivating warm white spotlight that adds an enchanting touch to any environment.

Applications and Potential Uses:
The EVE E-50Z LED Ellipsoidal is a game-changer for diverse settings. Perfect for theaters, stages, event spaces, studios, and beyond, it delivers professional-grade lighting that elevates performances, presentations, and productions. Whether you're highlighting performers on stage, adding allure to a wedding ceremony, or enhancing your studio visuals, the EVE E-50Z transforms any space into an enchanting canvas of light.

Unleash Brilliance
Dive into a world of precision and creativity with the Chauvet DJ EVE E-50Z 50W LED Ellipsoidal. Elevate your lighting game, amplify your visual storytelling, and leave a lasting impression on your audience. With wireless control, versatile projection, and a spectrum of creative possibilities, the EVE E-50Z is your gateway to luminous brilliance.

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