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CAD Audio A77Bk Large Diaphragm SuperCardioid Dynamic Side Address Vintage Microphone - Gloss Black

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Large Diaphragm SuperCardioid Dynamic Side Address Vintage Microphone - Gloss Black
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  • Large diaphragm dynamic side-address microphone
  • Operates in a supercardioid pattern
  • Frequency range: 30 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Capable of handling sound pressure levels exceeding 150 dB
  • PowerGap high gauss magnet and TrueFlex diaphragm for modern performance

Revived Classic Design: CAD A77 Microphone
Reintroducing a patented design on its 85th anniversary, CAD presents the A77, a large diaphragm dynamic side-address microphone operating in a supercardioid pattern. With the ability to capture frequencies ranging between 30 Hz and 15 kHz, this microphone can handle sound pressure levels exceeding 150 dB.

Marrying Vintage Charm with Modern Technology
While maintaining the vintage design, CAD has updated the A77 with modern features, including a PowerGap high gauss magnet and a TrueFlex diaphragm. These enhancements provide a modern, articulate profile to the original construction, ensuring optimal performance in contemporary audio settings.

Applications in Audio Environments
The CAD A77 microphone serves as an excellent choice for studios, live performances, and recording applications requiring a dynamic, yet nuanced audio capture. Its ability to handle high sound pressure levels and wide frequency range makes it suitable for various instruments and vocal performances, adding a touch of vintage warmth to modern audio production.

More Information
Color Black
Element Dynamic
Pattern Super Cardioid
Output XLR
UPC / EAN 631922109696
Brand CAD Audio
Product Condition New
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