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AKG P4 High-performance Dynamic Instrument Microphone

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High-performance dynamic instrument microphone
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  • Revel in powerful sound with an expansive bass range, designed for low-pitched instruments.
  • The P4 confidently handles the highest sound pressure levels, ensuring your performance resonates with depth and clarity.
  • The integrated stand adapter and external bracket (P4) elevate versatility, making it perfect for snare, tom-tom, and other applications.
  • The P4's tailored response ensures neutral instrument sound reproduction, keeping your performance authentic and true.
  • Encased in rugged all-metal construction, the P4 confidently withstands the demands of the stage.
  • The humbucking coil design rejects unwanted electromagnetic noises, ensuring your sound is pure and unadulterated.

Unleash Your Sound: AKG Perception P4 Dynamic Instrumental Microphone

Elevate Your Performance
Introducing the AKG Perception P4 Dynamic Instrumental Microphone – your key to unlocking an unparalleled sonic journey. Designed to captivate, this high-performance microphone is your ultimate partner for capturing the intensity of drums, percussion, wind instruments, and guitar amps. With its cardioid polar pattern, the P4 doesn't just capture sound; it crafts an immersive experience by focusing on your source while minimizing unwanted noise and feedback from the rear.

Precision in Every Note
The Perception P4 is engineered to bring out the best in your music. Its dynamic design, tailor-made for low-pitched instruments, delivers a powerful sound with a rich bass range that takes your performance to new heights. Unleash your passion on stage as the P4 effortlessly handles even the highest sound pressure levels, ensuring every note resonates with clarity and impact.

Versatility Redefined:

  • Every Beat, Every Note: The P4's potent sound reproduction is perfectly suited for drums, percussion, wind instruments, and guitar amps, ensuring every nuance of your performance shines through.
  • Feedback-Free Brilliance: The cardioid polar pattern enhances your sound by focusing on the front, while expertly minimizing unwanted noise and feedback, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience.
  • Built to Endure: Encased in solid metal, the P4 is built tough to withstand the rigors of the stage. Its rugged design ensures it's ready to conquer every performance, day after day.
  • Seamless Integration: The integrated stand adapter and external bracket (P4) elevate versatility, making the microphone adaptable for snare, tom-tom, and more, while the humbucking coil rejects electromagnetic interferences for pristine sound.
  • Precision Craftsmanship: The P4's response is carefully tailored for neutral instrument sound reproduction, allowing your performance to take center stage without coloration.
  • Ready for Action: A zip bag accompanies the microphone, ensuring safe transport and storage – your music is always ready to take on the world.

Own the Stage, Own Your Sound
Empower your performance with the AKG Perception P4 Dynamic Instrumental Microphone. Whether you're on drums, percussion, wind instruments, or guitar amps, the P4 captures the essence of your music with precision and power. Elevate your live shows and studio recordings alike, and let your passion reverberate through every note.

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