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CAD Audio ZOE USB Condenser Recording Microphone w/ TrakMix™ Headphone Output

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USB Condenser Recording Microphone with TrakMix™ Headphone Output
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  • Ideal for diverse recording applications
  • Features TrakMix Headphone Output for real-time monitoring
  • Embraces cardioid polar pattern for focused sound capture
  • High-quality condenser microphone for crystal clear audio
  • Comes with a generous 10' cable and a sturdy stand

Elevate Your Audio Game
Step into the world of pristine sound quality with the Zoe USB Microphone from CAD. Expertly crafted for today's digital age, Zoe promises unparalleled audio clarity, ensuring every note, word, or sound is captured in the purest form.

Seamless Monitoring Experience
Why wait to hear your creation when you can experience it in real-time? With its integrated 1/8" headphone jack, Zoe delivers immediate audio monitoring. Whether you're recording a podcast, singing, or playing an instrument, you can instantly evaluate and perfect your performance.

Versatile and User-Friendly
Designed with versatility in mind, the Zoe USB Microphone is optimized for a range of audio applications - from vocals and instruments to podcasts and speeches. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with both Mac and Windows 8 platforms, ensuring hassle-free connectivity.

Dynamic Sound with TrakMix™
Zoe isn't just about capturing sound—it's about delivering it with flair and precision. Enhanced with the TrakMix™ chip, this microphone ensures accurate headphone monitoring, allowing for an immersive audio experience. Let your creativity soar as Zoe reproduces every sound with finesse and character.

Elegantly Packaged
Every artist needs their tools, and with Zoe, you get more than just a microphone. Alongside its elegant design, the package comes complete with a stand for perfect positioning and a 10' cable for ample maneuverability. It's time to make your audio recordings stand out!

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