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Frameworks GFW-ISOPAD-SM Studio Monitor Isolation Pads - Small

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1 Pair of Small Isolation Foam Speaker Pads with Removable Angled Pieces for 5" Studio Monitors - 11.88" x 6.75"
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  • A set of two isolation pads designed for small studio monitors, measuring 11.88" x 6.75" each
  • Suitable for monitors up to 5" in size
  • Designed to separate monitors from surfaces such as desks or stands, minimizing vibrations
  • Effective in preventing the vibrations that lead to unnatural bass resonance
  • Assists in creating mixes that sound consistent across different audio systems
  • Comes with two adjustable angle pieces, allowing for customized monitor positioning

Discover the Magic of Decoupling
Are you in the market for studio monitor isolation pads? Introducing Gator Frameworks GFW-ISOPAD-SM, the ideal solution for small-sized studio monitors. These super-affordable pads are designed to sit between your studio monitors and your desk or monitor stands, absorbing the unwanted vibrations and letting you experience a whole new level of sound clarity.

Improve Bass Accuracy
GFW-ISOPAD-SM pads have the power to clear up the midrange dramatically, producing accurate and focused bass. By eliminating the transfer of vibrations that cause false bass buildup, these pads ensure you hear the sound as it's meant to be heard, without any distortion or exaggeration.

Tailor Your Sound Experience
With the inclusion of two reversible angled pieces, the GFW-ISOPAD-SM pads allow you to tilt your monitors to the precise angle for your listening position. Customizing your setup has never been this simple or efficient. Angle your monitors towards your ears and hear what you've been missing!

Perfectly Sized for Your Studio
Designed for up to 5" studio monitors, these small-sized (11.88" x 6.75") pads are a perfect fit for your intimate studio setup. Whether you're a budding home-studio artist or a professional sound engineer, these pads will elevate your sound quality.

Unleash Your Music's True Potential
These isolation pads are essential for producers, sound engineers, and musicians striving to create flawless mixes that translate better between playback systems. Say goodbye to muffled sounds and irritating resonances, and welcome the clear and precise audio quality that Gator Frameworks GFW-ISOPAD-SM provides.

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