Frameworks GFW-ISOPAD-SM Studio Monitor Isolation Pads - Small

On-Stage Stands ASP3001 Foam Speaker Platforms (Small, Pair)

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Foam Peaker Platforms Designed to Isolate Studio Monitors from Their Workspace, Preventing Bass Frequency Build-Up and Providing a More Accurate and True Representation of Audio Recordings

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  • Suitable for studio monitors up to 6.5" in width and 11.5" in depth.
  • Dense foam construction absorbs vibrations and stabilizes frequencies for a clearer sound.
  • Two included wedges per base platform to customize the angle of your speakers for the perfect listening position.
  • Effectively prevents bass frequency build-up, revealing the true sound of your recordings.

Get the Most Accurate Sound 
The On-Stage ASP3001 Foam Speaker Platforms are designed with the serious musician, audio engineer, and studio professional in mind. These small, dense foam platforms provide a critical solution for audio monitoring by isolating studio monitors from the workspace surface. By doing so, they reveal the true tone and frequency range of recordings and enable a more accurate and detailed listening experience.

Isolate Your Sound
These platforms prevent bass frequency build-up, often caused by hard surfaces such as desks, that can muddy the sound and disguise the true representation of your audio. By creating separation between the speakers and the work surface, these platforms allow you to hear the music exactly as it was intended.

Customize Your Setup
Each base platform comes with two included wedges, allowing for customization of the angle of your speakers. Whether you need them to be flat or angled, these platforms give you the flexibility to align your monitors to your specific needs, ensuring optimal listening conditions.

Designed to Fit Your Needs
With the capability to accommodate studio monitors up to 6.5" in width and 11.5" in depth, these platforms are versatile and can be used with various monitor sizes. They're perfect for project studios, mix rooms, broadcast TV facilities, and any other environments where accurate sound reproduction is essential.

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