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Gator Frameworks GFW-ISOPAD-MD Studio Monitor Isolation Pad - Medium

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1 Pair of Medium Isolation Foam Speaker Pads with Removable Angled Pieces for 6.5" Studio Monitors - 12.9" x 10.45"
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  • A pair of medium-sized (12.9" x 10.45") studio monitor isolation pads
  • Perfect for typical 6.5" studio monitors
  • Decouples monitors from desk tops or speaker stands
  • Eliminates the transfer of vibration that causes false bass buildup
  • Helps you create mixes that translate better between playback systems
  • Includes 2 reversible angled pieces that let you tilt your monitors to the proper angle

Achieve Unparalleled Audio Clarity
The Gator Frameworks GFW-ISOPAD-MD isolation pads are here to transform your listening experience in the studio. These pads sit between your studio monitors and your desk or monitor stands, absorbing all the unwanted vibrations that could distort your sound. It's the affordable solution for those aiming for accurate and focused bass.

Say Goodbye to False Bass Buildup
Designed to decouple monitors from surfaces, these isolation pads eliminate the transfer of vibration that can cause an unnatural buildup in bass. By reducing vibrations, GFW-ISOPAD-MD clears up the midrange dramatically, letting you create mixes that translate better between playback systems.

Customize Your Listening Angle
With the inclusion of two reversible angled pieces, you have the freedom to tilt your monitors to the perfect angle for your listening position. Optimize your studio setup for a more precise and immersive sound, all with an effortless adjustment.

Perfect for Typical Studio Monitors
Specifically crafted for typical 6.5" studio monitors, the GFW-ISOPAD-MD pads come in a pair of medium-sized dimensions (12.9" x 10.45"). These pads are the go-to choice for professionals and hobbyists alike, providing a reliable foundation for your monitors.

Unleash the True Potential of Your Sound
Are you a music producer, sound engineer, or audiophile? GFW-ISOPAD-MD isolation pads will enhance your studio's sound accuracy. Discover the difference these pads can make and bring your music to life with clarity and definition.

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