Lewitt DTP 40 Tr 5-pin XLR Female to 2 XLR Male Cable for DTP 640 REX Microphone - 13'


Lewitt LCT 40 TS 3-pin XLR Adapter Cable - 1.5'

Lewitt DTP 40 Trs 5-pin XLR Female to 2 XLR Male Cable for DTP 640 REX Microphone

1.5m, 5-pin Audio Cable for DTP 640 Rex
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DTP 40 Trs



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  • 5-pin audio cable specifically tailored for the DTP 640 Rex bass drum microphone
  • Constructed using oxygen-free copper ensuring minimum resistance
  • Designed with tight shielding to protect against potential interferences

Elevate Your Bass Drum Recording Experience
When it comes to recording bass drums, the quality of your microphone and its complementary accessories is paramount. The Lewitt DTP 40 Trs audio cable is specifically designed for those discerning audio engineers and musicians using the Lewitt DTP 640 Rex bass drum microphone.

Superior Material for Pristine Transmission
Crafted from high-grade oxygen-free copper, the DTP 40 Trs offers an extremely low resistance. This not only assures a clean and uninterrupted signal but also maintains the integrity and clarity of your sound.

Guarded Against Interferences
The modern recording environment is teeming with potential electronic interferences. With the DTP 40 Trs cable, you don’t need to fret. Its meticulously designed shielding ensures that these external disturbances don't stand a chance, providing you with the purest signal transmission imaginable.

A Must-Have for DTP 640 Rex Users
If the Lewitt DTP 640 Rex is a part of your recording ensemble, then integrating the DTP 40 Trs becomes indispensable. It's an investment in preserving the quality and authenticity of your bass drum recordings.

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