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Lewitt DTP 640 REX Dual-Capsule Bass Drum Microphone

Condenser and Dynamic Dual-Element Kick Drum Microphone with Cardioid Patterns, Pre-attenuation Pad, and Enhanced Frequency Response Switch
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  • A dual-element bass drum microphone that merges the capabilities of dynamic and condenser microphones
  • An included Y-cable facilitates separate recording of each element
  • A 3-position "Enhanced Frequency Response" switch
  • A 3-position pad switch
  • A frequency response switch to optimize the sound of each mic element
  • Effective on low-frequency instruments like double bass, electric bass, and kick drum
  • Designed for both live and studio use

Your Ideal Dual-Element Microphone for Exceptional Kick Drum Tones
The Lewitt DTP 640 REX, a dual-element microphone, combines the precision of a dynamic microphone and the rich low end of a condenser in one compact unit, enabling you to capture exceptional kick drum tones. With two cardioid-patterned mics integrated into one body, this microphone presents an innovative solution to get the most out of your recordings.

An All-In-One Solution
Say goodbye to the hassle of setting up two microphones to achieve the perfect kick drum sound. The DTP 640 REX seamlessly integrates condenser and dynamic mic elements to deliver a robust and comprehensive sound in one go. It comes with a special 5-pin Y-cable that splits into two 3-pin ends, allowing you to track each element on its own channel. You can then choose your preferred sound or blend them for a truly unique tone.

Rugged and Versatile
The DTP 640 REX is built to withstand any recording situation. Its cardioid polar patterns make it ideal for miking kick drums and basses while effectively rejecting sounds from other instruments. Additionally, this microphone provides control over pre-attenuation pads and three "Enhanced Frequency Response" settings, making it suitable for both studio sessions and live performances.


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