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Lewitt Beatkit Pro 7-piece Drum Mic Kit

Features the DTP 640 Rex, MTP 440 DM, three DTP 340 TT, and two LCT 140 Air microphones, complete with clips, a mount, windscreens, cables, and a case. This kit offers a comprehensive set for professional-level drum recording.
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  • Exclusively designed for drum miking
  • High-quality sound through a combination of dynamic and condenser microphones
  • DTP 640 Rex kick drum mic with dynamic and condenser capsules
  • MTP 440 DM snare mic offering vibrant, punchy sound
  • Three DTP 340 TT tom mics for clean, articulate sound
  • LCT 140 Air stereo pair for balanced overhead sound and excellent transient response
  • Accessories: mic clips, mounts, windscreens, custom cable, and mil-spec transport case

Complete Professional Drum Miking Solution
In the Lewitt Beatkit Pro, professional drummers will find the perfect all-in-one drum-miking solution. Designed with both recording and amplifying in mind, this 7-piece drum mic kit offers a seamless blend of dynamic and condenser microphones. Whether it's a kick drum, snare, or tom, the Beatkit Pro is fully equipped to capture high-quality sound, providing an all-inclusive, professional-level solution for drum kit recording.

Tailor-Made Microphones for Drum Recording
The Lewitt Beatkit includes seven microphones, each specifically designed for drum-miking tasks. At the forefront, the DTP 640 Rex kick drum mic boasts two phase-aligned capsules, a dynamic and a condenser, promising an unmatched kick drum sound. The MTP 440 DM snare mic in the set is favored by acclaimed session drummer Kenny Aronoff for its vibrant, punchy output. Alongside these, three DTP 340 TT tom mics, featuring supercardioid polar patterns, ensure clean, articulate sound capture for your toms. Finally, the kit is completed with an LCT 140 Air stereo pair for overheads, offering a well-balanced sound and excellent transient response.

Impeccable Sound Quality
Aspiring to achieve rock-solid sound from your drum recordings? The Beatkit Pro is designed to impress with its quality and versatility. Each of the seven microphones in this kit contributes to a dynamic, punchy, and clear drum sound, leaving no room for compromise. This kit won't just meet your expectations; it's set to surpass them.

Complete Kit for All Your Needs
In addition to the microphone ensemble, the Lewitt Beatkit Pro comes with essential accessories. You'll get two mic clips for overheads, a mount for the snare mic, clamps for the tom mics, and two LCT 40W windscreens. There's also a custom cable for the DTP 640 Rex kick drum mic, and all of it can be securely stored and transported in the provided mil-spec transport case.

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