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Lewitt DTP-40-MT Adjustable Drum Microphone Mount

Lewitt DTP-40-LB Cushioned Leather Mic Pouch

Cushioned Vinyl Microphone Sleeve for LCT & MTP Series, DTP 340TT and DTP 40
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DTP 40 Lb



All products manufactured by LEWITT GmbH feature a limited two-year warranty. This two-year warranty is specific to the date of purchase as shown on the original purchase receipt.


  • Cushioned Leather Mic Pouch
  • Secure Zipper Closure
  • Specifically Designed for Lewitt LCT/MTP/DTP Microphones

Lewitt DTP-40-LB Mic Pouch: Protect Your Investment in Style

Elegance and Protection Combined
Enhance the safety and elegance of your Lewitt LCT/MTP/DTP microphones with the Lewitt DTP-40-LB Mic Pouch. Crafted with precision, this pouch is designed to provide cushioned protection and secure storage for your valuable microphones.

Tailored for Your Microphones
The pouch is tailor-made for Lewitt LCT/MTP/DTP microphones, ensuring a snug and secure fit. Safeguard your investment with this specialized pouch that maintains the pristine condition of your microphones.

Zipper Closure for Security
The zipper closure adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that your microphones remain safely enclosed within the pouch. This feature is perfect for storage and transportation, preventing accidental damage or exposure.

Premium Leather for Luxury
The cushioned leather construction not only delivers effective protection, but also adds a touch of luxury to your microphone gear. Carry your microphones with style and confidence, knowing they are shielded in a pouch that reflects their quality.

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