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Chauvet DJ IRC-6 Infrared Remote Control

Wireless remote control for all Chauvet Freedom Series and IRC Lighting Products
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  • Effortless control of Chauvet IRC products for captivating light shows
  • Adjust strobe, speed, sensitivity, fade, blackout, sound activation mode, color percentages, and pre-programmed shows
  • Liberating unobstructed operating distance of up to 15', granting you flexible control
  • Versatile applications for mobile DJs, lighting enthusiasts, and event coordinators
  • User-friendly interface ensures intuitive navigation and seamless customization
  • Embrace the future of lighting control and create unforgettable performances

Convenient Control at Your Fingertips: Chauvet IRC-6 Infrared Remote Control 6

Elevate your lighting experience with the Chauvet IRC-6 Infrared Remote Control 6, your gateway to effortless and intuitive control over your Chauvet IRC products. Designed to empower you, this ingenious remote lets you take charge of a myriad of lighting parameters, allowing you to create captivating effects without the need for a DMX controller. With a seamless operating distance of up to 15', the Chauvet IRC-6 puts the power of innovation directly in your hands.

Unleash Your Creativity
Step into the realm of limitless possibilities as you manipulate strobe settings, control speed, fine-tune sensitivity, orchestrate fade sequences, plunge into blackout mode, and set the stage ablaze with sound activation. Dive into the art of customization by adjusting color percentages and seamlessly accessing pre-programmed shows. The Chauvet IRC-6 is your versatile ally, designed to facilitate your creative vision.

No Boundaries, Only Control
With an impressive unobstructed operating distance of up to 15', the Chauvet IRC-6 Infrared Remote Control 6 empowers you to command your lighting fixtures from across the room. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the freedom to orchestrate your light show with precision, regardless of where you stand.

Versatile Applications
The Chauvet IRC-6 opens doors to a world of applications. Whether you're a mobile DJ, a lighting enthusiast, or an event coordinator, this infrared remote control brings convenience and finesse to your performances. Seamlessly transition between lighting parameters, fine-tune your effects, and create mesmerizing shows that leave a lasting impact on your audience.

User-Friendly Brilliance
Navigate through your lighting possibilities with ease, thanks to the user-friendly design of the Chauvet IRC-6. It's time to transcend the barriers of traditional control methods and embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of infrared remote technology.

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