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Chauvet DJ IRC-6 Infrared Remote Control

Chauvet DJ EZpin Pack 4 2W LED Pinspot Package (4-pack)

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Rechargeable LED Pinspot Light Set with 4 EZpin IRC Fixtures, 1 IRC-6 Remote Control, and Carry Case
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  • Introducing the Chauvet DJ EZPINPACK4, a versatile and powerful pin-spot kit designed to amplify your event lighting with precision. Ideal for lighting designers and event coordinators, this kit is a must-have for accentuating centerpieces, cakes, and other focal points, adding a touch of sophistication to any occasion.
  • Illuminate your event space with captivating brilliance using the Chauvet DJ EZPINPACK4. This kit includes four battery-powered EZpin LED pin spot fixtures, each meticulously crafted to cast a focused and mesmerizing glow. Whether you're hosting weddings, corporate events, or artistic displays, these pin spots effortlessly transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary visual spectacles.
  • Experience seamless setup and flexibility with the Chauvet DJ EZPINPACK4. The magnetic base offers a hassle-free attachment to most metal surfaces, eliminating the need for clamps and streamlining your installation process. Additionally, the included scissor clip with an eye loop allows for quick setup on drop ceiling supports, ensuring efficient cable management and a polished appearance.
  • Each EZpin LED pin spot boasts a powerful 2W cool-white LED with a precise 3° beam angle. The result is focused and accurate lighting that highlights your event's focal points with unrivaled clarity. Customize the ambiance further with two variable white gel filters, offering different color temperatures to match your desired aesthetic.
  • The Chauvet DJ EZPINPACK4 is a canvas for your creative vision. With the convenience of an integrated rechargeable battery, enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous use per fixture. The included IRC-6 remote provides wireless on/off control, empowering you to orchestrate lighting changes effortlessly and adapt to the evolving atmosphere of your event.

lluminate Your Event with Precision: CHAUVET DJ EZpin Pack 4

Lighting designers and event coordinators seeking impeccable accent lighting and spotlighting solutions need not look further. The CHAUVET DJ EZpin Pack 4 presents an exceptional pin-spot kit designed to elevate your events to new heights. Perfectly suited for specialty occasions, this bundle features four battery-powered EZpin LED pin spot fixtures, making it an essential tool for accentuating centerpieces, cakes, and other focal points within your event space.

Versatility Redefined: Your Spotlighting Companion
Immerse your event in a world of captivating illumination with the CHAUVET DJ EZpin Pack 4. Crafted to meet the demands of discerning professionals, this bundle is your gateway to versatile spotlighting. Whether you're orchestrating a wedding, corporate gathering, or artistic installation, these battery-powered LED pin spots effortlessly cast a brilliant glow, enhancing the visual narrative of your space.

Effortless Implementation, Seamless Setup: Magnify Your Creativity
The CHAUVET DJ EZpin Pack 4 offers a seamless setup that's second to none. Embrace the convenience of the magnetic base, meticulously designed to affix effortlessly to most metal surfaces. Bid farewell to cumbersome clamps as you create captivating lighting displays that demand attention. The inclusion of a scissor clip with an eye loop further enhances your setup options, easily attaching to drop ceiling supports or frames for swift installation and efficient cable management.

Precision at Its Core: The EZpin LED Pin Spot Fixtures
Each EZpin pin spot within this bundle is a testament to precision and performance. Harness the power of a single 2W cool-white LED with a focused 3° beam angle. Two variable white gel filters provide a spectrum of color temperatures, allowing you to tailor the ambiance with warmth and character. With an integrated rechargeable battery offering up to 10 hours of runtime and the wireless on/off control provided by the included IRC-6 remote, you're equipped with the tools needed to orchestrate impeccable lighting displays.

Seamless Charging, Effortless Mobility: Your Complete Package
The CHAUVET DJ EZpin Pack 4 includes four USB charging cables and a multicharger, ensuring hassle-free charging and uninterrupted performance. To make mobility a breeze, a dedicated VIP gear bag accompanies this bundle, providing a secure and easily transportable solution for the modern entertainer on the go.

Elevate your events, transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences, and immerse your audience in the allure of captivating lighting. Unleash your creative potential with the CHAUVET DJ EZpin Pack 4 - your companion to masterful spotlighting and unforgettable visual storytelling. Illuminate your occasions with precision and order this exceptional pin-spot kit today.

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