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Gator Cases G-LIGHTBAG-1911 Lightweight Tote Bag Designed to Fit Up to (4) LED Style PAR Lights with Adjustable Dividers


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Single DMX Channel Pack
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  • Single DMX channel switch or dimmer pack mode for simplified control
  • Maximum channel output of 10A to accommodate various lighting demands
  • Dimmer preset and dimmer limit settings for tailored illumination
  • Local HTP dimmer control dial for real-time adjustments
  • Input for optional analog HTP dimmer controller for expanded control possibilities
  • Power failure memory ensures settings are retained after outages
  • Truss mountable design for seamless integration into setups

Elation Lighting UNI BAR: Unleash Control and Versatility
Experience a new level of lighting control and versatility with the Elation Lighting UNI BAR. Designed to empower your creative vision, this exceptional fixture offers a range of features that make it an essential tool for any lighting setup, whether for events, installations, or performances.

Effortless Control
With the Elation Lighting UNI BAR, control is at your fingertips. Switch or dim with ease using just a single DMX channel, streamlining your setup process. Each channel boasts a maximum output of 10A, ensuring that your lighting setup can handle the demands of diverse applications.

Tailored Precision
Fine-tune your lighting experience with dimmer preset and dimmer limit settings. Adjust the UNI BAR's output to match your specific requirements, achieving the perfect balance of illumination for any scene. The local HTP dimmer control dial lets you make real-time adjustments for instant effects.

Enhanced Flexibility
Expand your options by utilizing the input for an optional analog HTP dimmer controller. This feature allows you to integrate external control sources, granting you greater flexibility in managing your lighting effects.

Consistent Performance
Say goodbye to interruptions caused by power failures. The Elation Lighting UNI BAR incorporates power failure memory, ensuring that your settings are preserved even in the face of unexpected outages. Your lighting experience remains seamless and uninterrupted.

Designed for Integration
Mount the UNI BAR with ease on trusses, enhancing its adaptability to various setups. This truss-mountable design simplifies installation, saving you time and effort as you craft captivating visual experiences.

Elation Lighting UNI BAR: Control Your Vision, Elevate Your Craft
Whether you're creating immersive lighting displays or enhancing the atmosphere of your space, the Elation Lighting UNI BAR is your partner in creative expression. Its intuitive controls, versatile features, and reliable performance empower you to shape captivating visual narratives that captivate and inspire. Elevate your craft with the UNI BAR and unlock a new world of lighting possibilities.

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