Eartec LX600LI Lithium 3.7 Volt Rechargeable Battery for UltraLITE & HUB Systems


Eartec UL3S UltraLITE 3 Person Wireless Intercom - Full Duplex

Eartec UltraLITE 2-Person Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom with 2 Dual-Ear Headsets (1.9 GHz, USA)


Full-duplex wireless communication without a base station or beltpack

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  • Full-duplex wireless communication, sans base station or beltpack
  • Exceptional 1/4 mile range for wide coverage
  • Interference-free communication on Digital 1900 MHz DECT frequency
  • Field replaceable LiPo batteries with a 5-hour operational span
  • 270° rotating mic, wearable on either side with auto mute function
  • Easy volume adjustment with Up/Down push buttons
  • Resilient against the elements with water-resistant sealing
  • Comfortable deluxe padding, ideal for long work shifts
  • Expandable system to accommodate growing team sizes
  • Included 2-port charger with LED indicators for each battery bay

Master Your Communications with UltraLITE
Discover a new realm of wireless communication with the UltraLITE 2-Person Headset System from Eartec, designed specifically for two individuals who aim to communicate effortlessly while working hands-free. This U.S.-configured system ensures that you and your colleague stay in sync at all times.

Eliminate the Clutter
Bid farewell to pesky wires and cumbersome belt-worn radios. The UltraLITE headsets come with an integrated transceiver right within the ear-cup, offering a streamlined communication experience.

Flexible Mic, Tailored to You
Whether you prefer the mic on the left or the right, the adjustable microphone arm can swivel a full 270°, accommodating your preference. And when you need some silence? Simply raise the mic boom to mute it instantly.

Stay Powered, Stay Connected
With the included LiPo batteries, you're set for up to 5 hours of continuous operation. And should you run low, the batteries are effortlessly replaceable in the field, ensuring no communication downtime.

All-Weather Companion
Whether it's a drizzle or a downpour, the UltraLITE headsets have got you covered. Silicon-sealed for optimum water resistance, these headsets are your ideal outdoor partners, come rain or shine.

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