Eartec HUB5D 5 Person Wireless Headset Intercom System


Eartec UltraLITE 2-Person Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom with 2 Dual-Ear Headsets (1.9 GHz, USA)

Eartec LX600LI Lithium 3.7 Volt Rechargeable Battery for UltraLITE & HUB Systems

Lithium 3.7 Volt rechargeable battery that fits UltraLITE™, UltraPAK™, HUB™
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  • Tailored for UltraLITE and Hub Systems
  • Lithium-ion technology ensures no memory hassles
  • Charges fully in approximately 3 hours
  • Offers around 6 hours of seamless use
  • Compatible with both 2- and 8-hub chargers

Elevate Your Wireless Experience
Experience superior battery performance with the Eartec Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium-Ion Battery, specifically designed for UltraLITE Wireless Headsets and hub systems. Engineered for efficiency, this battery ensures you stay connected and powered for extended durations.

Compact and Convenient
No more bulky batteries. With a design as compact as a matchbook, this lithium-ion battery seamlessly fits into your headset, making it lightweight and convenient to carry around.

Say Goodbye to Memory Issues
Leverage the advantages of lithium-ion. Unlike traditional batteries, this powerhouse doesn't require draining and remains free from the hassles of memory issues, giving you a consistent performance every time.

Quick Charge, Long Performance
In just about 3 hours, get your battery fully charged and ready to roll. Once powered up, enjoy up to 6 hours of uninterrupted use, ensuring your conversations and communications never take a back seat.

Compatibility at its Best
Whether you have the 2-hub or the 8-hub charger, this battery is built to complement your system. It's time to enhance your wireless headset experience with reliable and efficient power.

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