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Allen & Heath CQ20B Ultra-Compact 20in / 8out Digital Mixer with Wi-Fi

Allen & Heath CQ-12T 10-Channel Digital Mixer

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10-channel Digital Mixer with 10 Mic Preamps, Touchscreen, Effects, 16-channel SD Recorder, 16-in/16-out USB Audio Interface, and Bluetooth
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  • Compact design with 10-channel digital mixing capability
  • Delivers pristine 96kHz audio quality
  • Smart controls including Preamp Gain and Feedback Assistant
  • Instrument-based Quick input for optimal mixes
  • Comprehensive Smart-FX units for diverse sound effects
  • User-friendly tactile encoder, custom keys, and touchscreen
  • SD recording and playback with USB audio interface
  • Bluetooth connectivity for added versatility

Compact Digital Mastery
The Allen & Heath CQ-12T is not just another digital mixer; it's a compact powerhouse designed for the modern audio enthusiast. With its 10-channel capability, it's small enough to fit in your backpack but robust enough to deliver 96kHz audio quality, ensuring pristine sound in every setting.

Smart Controls for Effortless Mixing
Gone are the days of complicated setups. With the CQ-12T's Preamp Gain Assistant and Feedback Assistant, setting up becomes a seamless experience. And for those who love to dive deep, the instrument-based Quick input ensures your mixes are always on point.

Manual Tweaking Made Simple
For the hands-on audio engineer, the CQ-12T doesn't disappoint. Each track comes with a Complete input, allowing for intricate adjustments to get the sound just right. Plus, with built-in Smart-FX units, you have a full arsenal of reverbs, delays, and modulations at your fingertips.

Intuitive Navigation
Navigating the CQ-12T is as intuitive as it gets. Whether you're using the tactile encoder, custom keys, or the responsive touchscreen, you'll find that controlling this mixer feels second nature.

Recording Excellence
Recording has never been easier. With SD recording and playback capabilities, coupled with a top-tier USB audio interface, the CQ-12T ensures your recordings are of the highest quality. And with Bluetooth connectivity, this mixer is ready for any challenge.

Applications for the Modern User
Whether you're a podcaster, musician, or live sound engineer, the CQ-12T is versatile enough to meet your needs. Its compact design makes it perfect for on-the-go setups, while its advanced features ensure professional sound quality in any application.

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