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Mackie DLZ Creator Adaptive Digital Mixer w/ User Modes, Mix Agent Technology, Auto Mix and Onyx80 Mic Preamps

12-channel Digital Mixer with 4 Mic Preamps, 9 Faders, 10.1" Touchscreen, Mix Agent Technology, Bluetooth, and USB Audio Interface
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DLZ Creator


  • Adaptive 10.1" touchscreen controls with Easy, Enhanced, and Pro modes
  • Manage sound levels of up to four mics with Mackie's AutoMix technology
  • Mix Agent™ virtual audio assistant for hassle-free setup and perfect gain levels
  • Option to connect four microphones and external devices such as smartphones
  • Multitrack audio streaming to a computer via USB-C or direct SD card recording
  • Design headphone mixes for varied monitoring needs of you and your guests.

Elevate Your Content Creation
Stepping into the future of podcasting and streaming, the DLZ Creator Adaptive Digital Mixer offers an unparalleled audio experience. Inspired by the convenience of smartphone and DSLR interfaces, this revolutionary device offers on-screen controls tailored to complement your creative flair, ensuring an optimal blend of sound quality and processing prowess.

Smart Control at Your Fingertips
Empower your creativity with the DLZ Creator's adaptive 10.1” touchscreen controls. Choose from three intuitive control modes - Easy, Enhanced, or Pro - and let the mixer's interface transform to fit your expertise. Combine this with the revolutionary Mix Agent™ technology, and you've got an audio guide ready to streamline your setup process.

Unmatched Multi-Mic Management
Navigate group podcasts or interviews effortlessly with DLZ Creator's AutoMix technology. Manage up to four microphones simultaneously, ensuring every voice stands out, even in overlapping conversations. Plus, with integrated Bluetooth, hosting call-in guests becomes a breeze, minimizing echo complications.

Crystal-Clear Sound Quality
The DLZ Creator doesn't just make podcasting easier; it enhances your sound quality. With Onyx80 mic preamps, expect unparalleled clarity no matter which microphone you choose. Be it streaming multitrack audio via USB-C to your computer or directly saving it to an SD card, this mixer makes your setup truly autonomous.

Customization and Connectivity
DLZ Creator's adaptability extends beyond its touchscreen. Craft up to four distinct headphone mixes for you and your guests. Seamlessly connect multiple microphones and up to three external devices, be it through analog, Bluetooth, or USB. Dive straight into creation without getting bogged down in complicated menus.

Your Personal Sound Engineer
What makes the DLZ Creator a standout is its game-changing Mix Agent™ feature. This virtual audio assistant is akin to having an expert sound engineer guiding you, ensuring impeccable gain levels for your recordings. Perfect for both the uninitiated and seasoned professionals, it simplifies the intricate task of setting perfect gain levels, letting you concentrate on content creation.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Content?
From seasoned broadcasters to those just dipping their toes into podcasting, the DLZ Creator is every creator's dream tool. Packaged with all essentials, including the mixer itself, a Quick Start Guide, Power Adapter, and a USB C to USB Type A Cable, it's your one-stop solution to elevate your content creation journey.

More Information
MPN DLZ Creator
Color Black
Input XLR
Power Source 120v
Form Desktop
Output XLR
Channels 12
UPC / EAN 663961064049
Brand Mackie
Product Condition New
Availability In Stock