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Chauvet DJ Freedom Par 9 Sleeve (4 Pack) - White

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(4) Cast Aluminum Sleeve for Freedom Par H9 IP and Freedom Par Q9 Fixtures - White
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  • Effortlessly transform Freedom Par fixtures with a 4-pack of white overlays
  • Instantly change fixture housing from black to white, seamlessly integrating into surrounding décor
  • Slide-on design eliminates the need for additional tools, ensuring simplicity and efficiency
  • Streamlined overlays that can remain attached during storage and transportation
  • Crafted from water-resistant cast aluminum for durability and endurance
  • Designed to blend with various environments, whether light or dark
  • Elevate the aesthetics of your lighting setup, creating a cohesive and captivating visual impact

Elevate Your Lighting Aesthetics with Freedom Par 9 Sleeve X4

Discover a new level of versatility and aesthetic enhancement with the Freedom Par 9 Sleeve X4. This ingenious solution amplifies the potential of Freedom fixtures, introducing a 4-pack of white overlays that seamlessly meld your lighting into any environment, whether light or dark, for a cohesive and captivating look.

Transformative Elegance in an Instant
Revolutionize the appearance of your Freedom Par fixtures effortlessly with the Freedom Par 9 Sleeve X4. These white overlays serve as a quick and transformative solution, instantly changing the fixture housing from black to white. The result is a visually striking integration that perfectly blends with the surrounding décor, allowing your lighting to become an integral part of the ambiance.

Simplicity Redefined: Slide-On Design
Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional modifications. The Freedom Par 9 Sleeve X4 features a slide-on design that eliminates the need for additional tools. With seamless efficiency, these overlays slide on and off, granting you the freedom to adapt your fixtures to different settings and occasions with unparalleled ease.

Preserving Convenience, Enhancing Versatility
Designed with convenience in mind, the Freedom Par 9 Sleeve X4 retains the practicality of your Freedom Par fixtures. These sleeves do not require removal for storage or transportation, simplifying your workflow and ensuring that your lighting setup remains streamlined and ready for action whenever you are.

Built for Endurance, Crafted for the Road
Crafted from water-resistant cast aluminum, the Freedom Par 9 Sleeve X4 embodies rugged durability that is up to the demands of the road. Whether you're embarking on a touring adventure, setting up at outdoor events, or creating immersive lighting experiences, these overlays are built to withstand the challenges of dynamic environments.

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