Chauvet DJ Freedom Par 9 Sleeve (4 Pack) - White


Chauvet DJ Freedom PAR Q9X4 Up-lighting Kit

Chauvet DJ Freedom Par Q9 Wash Light

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Battery Powered, Wireless Quad-color LED PAR Light with DMX, D-Fi, and RF Remote Control, TRUSST Compatibility, OLED Screen, and Magnetic Diffuser
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  • Immerse your events in captivating lighting with this battery-operated, quad-color (RGBA) LED uplight. The built-in D-Fi transceiver ensures seamless wireless connectivity, freeing you from the constraints of cables.
  • Take your illumination to new horizons with the magnetic diffuser, widening the coverage area while delivering mesmerizing visual impact.
  • Achieve precision lighting angles with the spring-loaded kickstand, allowing you to adapt and create the perfect lighting composition for any environment.
  • Seamlessly control the fixture with the built-in RF receiver, enabling wireless operation through the optional RFC or RFC-XL remotes. Enjoy a hassle-free setup that enhances your workflow.
  • Witness impeccable color blending with minimal artifacts, thanks to the new secondary optics. Each visual experience is a masterpiece of color harmony.
  • Set the stage aglow for the entire event with adjustable run times, ensuring the fixture shines brightly exactly when you need it.
  • The built-in glare shield prevents light spillage and minimizes eye fatigue, maintaining a focused and captivating display that holds your audience's attention.
  • Onboard charge and discharge protection circuitry ensures the fixture's longevity and reliability, guaranteeing seamless performance over the long term.
  • The full-text OLED display provides intuitive configuration and control of the fixture's settings, empowering you with effortless customization.

Experience Unrivaled Illumination with Chauvet DJ Freedom Par Q9

For lighting designers and event coordinators who demand nothing but the best, the Chauvet DJ Freedom Par Q9 is the quintessential solution that elevates every aspect of your creative vision. This exceptional fixture redefines the standards of wireless lighting, offering unmatched brightness, power, and versatility that are tailor-made for special events, weddings, performance halls, and beyond.

Elevate your events to extraordinary heights with the Chauvet DJ Freedom Par Q9. This fixture is your ticket to unlocking unparalleled lighting experiences, where wireless freedom meets exceptional performance. Step into a realm of creativity, leave a lasting impression, and orchestrate unforgettable moments with the Chauvet DJ Freedom Par Q9. Experience the future of lighting brilliance today!

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