Mackie DLZ Creator - Digital Mixer for Podcasting and Content Creation with 3x Mackie EM-99B Dynamic Microphone, 3x MC-150 Professional Closed-Back Headphones, microSD Card and StreamEye Cloth


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Rode RODECaster Pro II Audio Production Studio Bundle with 4x Zoom ZDM-1 Podcast Mic Packs, 32GB microSD Card and StreamEye Polishing Cloth

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Elevate your podcasting journey with the ultimate bundle, combining Rodecaster Pro II's professional-grade audio engineering and SMART controls with Zoom ZDM-1's top-tier microphone and headphones, ensuring unmatched sound quality and versatility for both novices and pros.

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RCPII, 4x ZDM1-PMP, SD Card, Cloth


  • All-in-One Production Console: Experience a unified solution with the Rodecaster Pro II, designed for podcasting, streaming, and studio recording, supported by an intuitive design and RGB color-coded workflows.
  • High-Quality Sound Engineering: Dive into professional-grade sound with the Rodecaster Pro II's quad-core audio engine, complete with APHEX's processors and a plethora of onboard effects, paired seamlessly with Zoom ZDM-1's dynamic microphone for smooth vocals.
  • Innovative Control and Flexibility: Transform your production with Rodecaster Pro II's customizable SMART pads and versatile 9-channel mixer, while the Zoom ZDM-1 Mic Pack offers a complete set with closed-back headphones and essential gear for optimal podcasting.

Unleash Your Podcast Potential
Rode introduces the Rodecaster Pro II, the next-gen audio production studio designed for podcasting enthusiasts, streamers, and studio recording. For both seasoned audio professionals and beginners, this console promises an experience that combines efficiency with powerful features. Its intuitive design highlighted by RGB color-coded workflows ensures that you're always in control. Moreover, with multiple inputs and individual headphone outputs, hosting multiple guests has never been easier.

Crafted for Superior Sound
Dive deep into the audio realm with the Rodecaster Pro II's quad-core audio engine. This powerhouse is adorned with APHEX's celebrated suite of processors including the Aural Exciter, Big Bottom, and Compellor. But that's not all - there's an array of onboard effects, from reverb and delay to pitch shifting, ensuring that your podcast or livestream stands out from the crowd.

SMART Pads: Innovation at Your Fingertips
Moving beyond conventional sound pads, Rode introduces SMART pads. These aren't just for triggering music or sound effects. They can be custom-tailored to toggle voice effects, send MIDI commands, or even mute certain words. With a total of 64 unique actions spread across eight banks, creativity knows no bounds.

Customize Your Workflow
Every content creator has a unique approach, and the Rodecaster Pro II is designed to adapt to each one. Featuring a 9-channel mixer with a combination of physical faders and virtual channels, you can assign any source to any fader. Plus, its 5.5-inch touchscreen ensures you're always a touch away from perfecting your mix.

Revolution Preamps: A Clearer Voice
The Rodecaster Pro II proudly presents its Revolution preamps. Designed for today's dynamic audio environment, these preamps provide clarity without any noise interference. Whether it's a whisper or a shout, every nuance is captured with precision.

Versatility in Connectivity
No matter the complexity of your setup, the Rodecaster Pro II seamlessly fits right in. It supports multiple input types, dual USB-C interfaces, and advanced Bluetooth technology. Whether it's recording a remote co-host's feed or backing tracks, the Rodecaster Pro II has you covered. Additionally, with its microSD card capability, you're always ready to record.

RODECaster Pro 2 Features:

  • All-in-one podcast production and streaming solution
  • Simultaneous connection to two devices with dual USB-C interfaces
  • Flexible 9-channel mixer for versatile sound management
  • SMART pads that redefine audio production control
  • Multiple inputs for microphones, instruments, and other devices
  • Revolution preamps with 76dB of gain ensuring crystal clear sound
  • Professional onboard effects and APHEX audio enhancements
  • User-friendly 5.5-inch full-color touchscreen for instant monitoring
  • Multiple headphone outputs and stereo outs for varied monitoring options
  • Wireless audio monitoring via high-definition Bluetooth
  • Built-in microSD card reader for direct audio recording and storage
  • High-resolution audio at 24-bit/48kHz
  • Supports condenser microphones with phantom power
  • Multi-language support including English, Chinese, Japanese, and seven more


Zoom ZDM-1 Podcast Mic Pack: Complete Your Studio
When it's time to complement your podcast studio, the Zoom ZDM-1 Podcast Mic Pack is your best ally. Ideal for both novices and professionals, this pack offers the tools you need without breaking the bank. With its dynamic microphone, closed-back headphones, and other essential gear, you're set to start your podcast journey.

ZDM-1 PMP Features:

  • Comprehensive microphone pack tailored for podcasting
  • ZDM-1 dynamic microphone ensures clear and smooth vocal captures
  • ZHP-1 headphones with neodymium drivers for precise audio feedback
  • Convenient ZTPS-4 tabletop tripod mic stand for adaptable recording settings
  • Windscreen to reduce disturbances and ensure clear vocals
  • Includes a 3-meter microphone cable for flexible setup
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