Adam Audio A4V 4" Active Studio Monitor w/ 1" X-ART Tweeter (Single)

Adam Audio A44H Dual 4" Active Studio Monitor w/ 1" Rotatable X-ART Tweeter (Single)

Dual 4" Active Studio Monitor with 1" Rotatable X-ART Tweeter
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This item includes a 2 year Adam Audio Limited Warranty. This Limited Warranty can be extended on some products to 5 years if the item is registered with Adam Audio after your purchase.

   - 2-way powered studio monitor
   - Horizontal orientation allows for flexible mounting options
   - Dual woofer design creates an impactful sound with broad dispersion
   - X-ART tweeter unlocks clean and clear high-end
   - DSP-based tuning and Sonorworks SoundID Reference plug-in (sold separately) lets you dial in the perfect sound for your room
   - 96kHz internal sampling rate keeps your audio pristine
   - 24-bit AD converter offers accurate conversion
   - Includes balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs

The Adam Audio A44H is a horizontally oriented speaker with similar performance to the A7V. Its 19-inch width allows it to fit on a standard rack shelf or mount above/below a display, making it ideal as a center speaker in immersive configurations. It features dual 4-inch long-throw woofers, an X-ART tweeter, and onboard DSP-based tuning for superior sound quality and versatility.

Crafting Sonic Symphonies
The A44H boasts a rotatable HPS waveguide & X-ART Tweeter, delivering sound with consistency and precision. The HPS waveguide, made from a new glass fiber polymer compound, and the German-made X-ART tweeter ensure detailed, consistent sound across the product line. In addition, A Series woofers are crafted from a unique blend of mineral stone fibers for high output with low distortion.

Hybrid Amplfication Unpacked
Hybrid amplification in the A Series combines the benefits of digital and analogue technologies. Class D amplifiers drive the woofers, reducing distortion and enhancing power and efficiency. Class AB amplifiers power tweeters and midrange drivers for smooth, natural high frequency reproduction. The A Series also leverages DSP-based electronics for greater tuning precision and predictability.

Tailoring Soundscapes
Room adaptation and selectable voicings help to tailor the A Series to your specific requirements. You can choose between "UNR" and "Pure" voicing profiles, with over 100 tuning options to compensate for acoustic problems. With the A Control software, you can remotely control and adjust settings over Ethernet, further enhancing customization and convenience.

Future Proof Audio Experience
The A44H is not just about superior sound quality; it's also about adaptability. The rotatable waveguide allows horizontal or vertical speaker positioning, while multiple room adaptation options address common speaker placement issues. Furthermore, the A Series is future-proofed with updateable firmware, supporting new DSP-based capabilities from Adam Audio to continue delivering the best sound possible for years to come.

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