Adam Audio A44H Dual 4" Active Studio Monitor w/ 1" Rotatable X-ART Tweeter (Single)


ADAM Audio A77H 7-inch Powered Studio Monitor

Adam Audio A4V 4" Active Studio Monitor w/ 1" X-ART Tweeter (Single)

Powered Studio Monitor with 4" LF Driver, Rotatable X-ART HF Driver, and DSP-based Tuning (each)
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This item includes a 2 year Adam Audio Limited Warranty. This Limited Warranty can be extended on some products to 5 years if the item is registered with Adam Audio after your purchase.

   - 2-way powered studio monitor designed for nearfield applications
   - 4-inch, long-excursion LF driver delivers bold, accurate projection
   - X-ART tweeter provides surgically-precise high-end
   - DSP-based tuning helps you get the most out of your monitors and your room
   - Deep integration with Sonorworks SoundID Reference plug-in (sold separately) refines your sound to the max
   - 24-bit AD converter and 96kHz internal sampling rate preserves your audio quality
   - Vertical orientation allows you to use any monitor stand
   - Includes both balanced and unbalanced inputs

Compact Powerhouse
The A4V, perfect for small studios and immersive configurations, delivers full-bodied sound in a compact design. The two-way speaker uses a 4-inch long-throw woofer and the classic X-ART tweeter for precise sound reproduction. Its frequency range accommodates a diverse spectrum of audio applications.

Sculpted Sound
The ADAM Audio HPS waveguide technology and X-ART tweeter provide consistent sound dispersion. The tweeter's rotatable design, alongside the new glass fiber polymer compound waveguide, ensures clear sound, free of resonance, regardless of speaker positioning.

Sturdy Sonic Machine
The A Series woofer, crafted from a unique mineral stone fiber blend, achieves high output with low distortion. The material's innovative combination with the magnet system allows for a clean low-end sound.

Hybrid Excellence
Merging digital and analog, the A Series features Class D amplifiers driving woofers and Class AB amplifiers powering tweeters and midrange drivers. Resulting in a finely tuned speaker, optimized for its working range.

Tuning Precision
With DSP-based electronics, the A Series offers precise tuning and predictability. The firmware can be updated over time, integrating the latest capabilities from ADAM Audio. Room adaptation equalization on the back panel helps compensate for acoustic problems caused by speaker placement.

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