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Rechargeable LED Pinspot Light Set with 4 EZpin Zoom Fixtures, 1 IRC-6 Remote Control, and Carrying Case
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  • Introducing the Chauvet DJ EZPINZOOMPACK, a versatile and innovative pin spot kit designed to elevate your lighting design to new heights. Whether you're a professional lighting artist, an event coordinator, or a mobile entertainer, this kit empowers you to create captivating accent lighting and spotlight effects that leave a lasting impression.
  • Experience the convenience of true wireless operation with the Chauvet DJ EZPINZOOMPACK. This kit includes a set of four EZPin Zoom pin spots, each powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. Say goodbye to cumbersome cables and power outlets as you explore the realm of cable-free creativity and position your pin spots with absolute freedom.
  • Illuminate your space with precision and accuracy using the EZPin Zoom pin spots. Each fixture features a 5W natural-white LED with variable zoom, allowing you to achieve beam angles ranging from 5 to 25 degrees. Whether you're highlighting specific objects or creating broad washes of light, the manually adjustable head lets you tailor the lighting to your unique vision.
  • With an impressive battery capacity, the EZPin Zoom pin spots offer extended illumination for up to 11 hours. This ensures your lighting designs stay vibrant and captivating throughout your event. The included cables and multicharger make recharging a breeze, allowing you to focus on crafting stunning visuals.
  • Seamlessly control your lighting compositions with the included CHAUVET DJ IRC-6 remote. Wirelessly switch the EZPin Zoom pin spots on and off, giving you the ability to adapt and transform the atmosphere with ease. Experience intuitive control and unlock a world of dynamic lighting effects.

Illuminate with Elegance: CHAUVET DJ EZPin Zoom Kit

Discover the seamless blend of wireless freedom and versatile accent lighting with the CHAUVET DJ EZPin Zoom Kit. Crafted to meet the demands of discerning lighting professionals, this 4-pack of true wireless, battery-powered pin spots offers a world of creative possibilities. Ideal for mobile entertainers, special event coordinators, and anyone seeking specialty accent lighting, this kit transforms any space into a canvas of captivating illumination.

True Wireless Brilliance: Unleash Your Creativity
Experience the future of lighting with the CHAUVET DJ EZPin Zoom Kit. Each EZPin Zoom pin spot is a testament to innovation, featuring a single 5W natural-white LED with variable zoom capability, allowing you to achieve beam angles from 5 to 25°. Whether you're accentuating specific objects or immersing an entire space in radiant light, the manually adjustable head empowers you to curate your professional lighting ecosystem with precision.

Endless Possibilities, Limitless Freedom: Battery-Powered Brilliance
Effortlessly realize your lighting visions with the impressive battery capacity of the EZPin Zoom pin spots. Enjoy uninterrupted illumination for up to 11 hours, enabling you to craft captivating displays without the constraints of power outlets. The included cables and multicharger ensure convenient and reliable recharging, ensuring your creativity never falters.

Intuitive Control, Seamless Operation: IRC-6 Controller Included
The CHAUVET DJ EZPin Zoom Kit comes complete with a CHAUVET DJ IRC-6 controller, empowering you to switch the fixtures on and off remotely. Seamlessly orchestrate your lighting displays, adapt to evolving atmospheres, and showcase your creativity with effortless control at your fingertips.

Versatile Mounting Solutions: Elevate Your Setup
Incorporating the four EZPin Zoom units into your setup is a breeze, thanks to a range of versatile mounting options. The built-in magnets within the lights' bases effortlessly affix to numerous metal surfaces, granting you the freedom to position lights in unconventional spaces. An integrated M10 mounting hole allows for easy attachment to most light stands, while optional clamps (available separately) cater to more permanent lighting configurations.

Applications Beyond Boundaries: Elevate Your Lighting Experience
Whether you're a dynamic mobile entertainer, a visionary special event coordinator, or a meticulous lighting professional, the CHAUVET DJ EZPin Zoom Kit is your gateway to transformative lighting experiences. Elevate weddings, corporate events, artistic installations, and beyond with unparalleled wireless versatility and battery-powered brilliance. Don't miss the opportunity to redefine your lighting capabilities. Order the CHAUVET DJ EZPin Zoom Kit now and step into a world of radiant creativity.

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