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Chauvet DJ EZlink Par Q4 BT RGBA Wireless Par with Bluetooth

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RGBA LED PAR Light with 4 LED Light Sources, Bluetooth Control, and Rechargeable Battery
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  • The Chauvet DJ EZLink Par Q4 BT is a masterpiece of wireless lighting innovation, allowing you to effortlessly command its vibrant illumination without the constraints of cables. Experience the ultimate convenience and flexibility as you elevate your lighting game.
  • Immerse yourself in a symphony of colors with the power of RGBA LED technology. Create captivating color washes, dynamic displays, and stunning effects that infuse life into any event or venue. Unleash your creative vision with a spectrum of possibilities.
  • Seamlessly manage your lighting universe with the BTAir application, connecting wirelessly to the EZLink Par Q4 BT via its built-in Bluetooth receiver. Take control from your smartphone or tablet, shaping the ambiance and lighting effects from up to 150 feet away.
  • Tailor your lighting to perfection with versatile control options. Embrace the precision of full DMX control, using 4 or 8 channels for intricate manipulations. Alternatively, enjoy the convenience of standalone operation, engaging automated programs, dynamic effects, and adjustable dimming.
  • Witness the brilliance of quad-color LEDs and a 15° beam angle. Craft captivating color washes, evoke natural temperatures, and infuse your events with mesmerizing visual effects that captivate and inspire.
  • Break free from limitations with the built-in battery, offering up to 20 hours of operation in single-color mode or 8 hours with all colors shining bright. Position the fixture anywhere within the venue, untethered by cables, and embrace the liberation of creative placement.
  • Designed for convenience, the compact and portable EZLink Par Q4 BT effortlessly integrates into various setups. Mount it inside a 12" box truss, suspend it overhead, or utilize the built-in kickstand for easy floor placement and adjustable uplighting.
  • Whether you're a mobile DJ, event planner, or venue owner, the Chauvet DJ EZLink Par Q4 BT empowers you to unlock a world of unparalleled lighting potential. Elevate your performances, transform spaces, and curate unforgettable experiences that mesmerize your audience. Experience wireless brilliance and redefine lighting possibilities today.

Introducing the CHAUVET DJ EZLink Par Q4 BT: Elevate Your Lighting Experience with Ultimate Wireless Freedom

Step into a world of boundless creativity and vibrant illumination with the EZLink Par Q4 BT. This revolutionary fixture redefines the art of lighting, combining wireless operation with the prowess of RGBA LED technology. Experience captivating color washes, dynamic lighting displays, and breathtaking effects that enhance any venue or event, all at your fingertips.

Dynamic Lighting Unleashed: Wireless Brilliance with RGBA LEDs
Empower your creative vision with the EZLink Par Q4 BT, where wireless convenience meets RGBA LED innovation. Immerse your surroundings in a symphony of rich and dynamic colors, whether you're setting the stage for a live performance, elevating event ambiance, or curating mesmerizing lighting displays.

Seamless Control at Your Fingertips: BTAir Application and Beyond
Experience unparalleled control with the built-in Bluetooth receiver, effortlessly managed from your smartphone or tablet using the free BTAir application. Customize settings, craft intricate lighting designs, and command the ambiance from up to 150 feet away. Embrace a new era of lighting control that puts creative mastery in your hands.

Versatile Mastery: DMX or Standalone Brilliance
Flex your creative muscles with the EZLink Par Q4 BT's array of control options. Delve into precise lighting manipulation through full DMX control with 4 or 8 channels, or relish the convenience of standalone operation. Engage built-in automated programs, dynamic effects, and adjustable dimming to effortlessly bring your vision to life.

Radiant Color Mixing: Power-Packed LEDs and Stunning Effects
Witness a symphony of colors with the EZLink Par Q4 BT's robust quad-color LEDs and a 15° beam angle. Experience vivid and vibrant color mixing that breathes life into your events, offering captivating color washes, natural temperatures, and mesmerizing visual effects that leave a lasting impact.

Unleash Your Imagination: Battery-Powered Freedom
Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the freedom of battery-powered brilliance. The built-in battery boasts an impressive 20-hour lifespan in single-color mode or 8 hours with all colors on, enabling you to position the fixture anywhere within the venue, unshackled from the constraints of cables and power outlets.

Elegance in Design, Ease in Application: Compact and Portable
Designed for utmost convenience, the EZLink Par Q4 BT boasts a compact and portable design, perfect for effortless integration into a 12" box truss or overhead suspension. The built-in kickstand ensures versatile placement options, allowing for easy floor setup and adjustable uplighting direction.

Your Ultimate Lighting Solution: Unleash Your Creativity
Whether you're a dynamic mobile DJ, visionary event planner, or forward-thinking venue owner, the EZLink Par Q4 BT is your key to unlocking unparalleled lighting possibilities. Elevate your performances, transform your spaces, and curate unforgettable experiences with the power of wireless, battery-operated, and dynamic LED lighting. Prepare to mesmerize your audience and elevate your lighting prowess to unprecedented heights. Order the EZLink Par Q4 BT now and embark on a journey of dazzling illumination!

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