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Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0501 Desktop Mic Stand

Frameworks GFW-MIC-0251 Frameworks "mini tripod" desktop stand for wireless mics

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Frameworks "mini tripod" desktop stand for wireless mics
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  • Lightweight Collapsible Desktop Microphone Stand
  • Includes Clip for Most Wireless Microphones
  • Ideal for Podcast Interviews and Remote Recordings
  • Compact Size for Portability and Space Efficiency
  • Stable and Lightweight Construction
  • Adjustable Height for Flexible Microphone Positioning

Frameworks GFW-MIC-0251: Lightweight Collapsible Desktop Microphone Stand
The Frameworks GFW-MIC-0251 is a versatile and compact desktop microphone stand designed to provide stable support for microphones, particularly wireless models, in various recording and podcasting scenarios. This lightweight and collapsible stand offers convenience and portability, making it an excellent choice for podcast interviews, remote recordings, and more.

Compact and Collapsible Design
The GFW-MIC-0251 features a collapsible design that allows you to easily fold it down for storage or transport. This compact size is ideal for on-the-go recording setups and situations where space is limited.

Clip Included for Wireless Microphones
Included with the stand is a microphone clip that is compatible with most wireless microphones. This clip securely holds the microphone in place and provides flexibility in positioning for optimal sound capture.

Podcast Interviews and Remote Recording
The stand's compact size and collapsible design make it a great choice for podcast interviews and remote recording sessions. You can conveniently carry and set up the stand wherever you need to capture high-quality audio content.

Stable and Lightweight Construction
Despite its lightweight design, the GFW-MIC-0251 is built with stability in mind. It provides a stable and reliable base for your wireless microphone, ensuring that your recording setup remains steady during recording sessions.

Flexible Microphone Positioning
The stand's adjustable height allows you to position the microphone at a comfortable and suitable level for recording. This flexibility ensures that you can achieve the best sound quality and capture clear audio.

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