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Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0501 Desktop Mic Stand

GFW-HP-HANGERDESK Frameworks Headphone Hanger that Clamps onto Desktop Edge

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Efficient Desktop Edge Mounting for Space Saving

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  • Headphone Hanger that Clamps onto Desktop Edge
  • Efficient Desktop Edge Mounting for Space Saving
  • Sturdy and Durable Construction
  • Protective Padding to Prevent Desk Damage
  • Compatible with Various Headphone Styles and Sizes
  • Neat and Organized Setup
  • Easy Installation without the Need for Tools
  • Suitable for Home, Studio, and Office Environments

Frameworks GFW-HP-HANGERDESK: Headphone Hanger for Desktop Edge
The Frameworks GFW-HP-HANGERDESK is a practical and convenient solution for keeping your headphones easily accessible and organized. This headphone hanger is designed to clamp onto the edge of your desktop or table, providing a secure and space-saving way to store your headphones when not in use.

Efficient Desktop Edge Mounting
The GFW-HP-HANGERDESK features a clamp mechanism that securely attaches to the edge of your desk or table. This allows you to maximize your workspace and keep your headphones within arm's reach, without taking up valuable desk space.

Sturdy and Durable Construction
Crafted with durability in mind, this headphone hanger is built to withstand the weight of headphones without bending or sagging. The robust construction ensures that your headphones are held securely in place.

Protective Padding
The hanger features soft rubber padding on the clamping surface to protect your desk or table from scratches and damage. This ensures that your workspace remains in pristine condition while providing a secure grip.

Compatible with Various Headphone Styles
The GFW-HP-HANGERDESK is designed to accommodate a wide range of headphone styles and sizes, from over-ear to on-ear headphones. This versatility makes it suitable for professional studio headphones, gaming headsets, and everyday headphones.

Neat and Organized Setup
By using the GFW-HP-HANGERDESK, you can create a neat and organized setup. Instead of leaving your headphones lying around, you can hang them up when not in use, reducing clutter and improving the overall aesthetics of your workspace.

Easy Installation
Installing the hanger is a straightforward process. Simply position the clamp on the edge of your desk, tighten it securely, and you're ready to hang your headphones. No tools are required for installation.

Ideal for Home, Studio, and Office
Whether you're a music producer, gamer, content creator, or simply someone who uses headphones regularly, the GFW-HP-HANGERDESK is a versatile accessory that fits seamlessly into various environments, including home studios, offices, and gaming setups.

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