JBL Control 25-1 Indoor/Outdoor Surface-Mount Speakers - White (Pair)


EAW VFR109i White 10 inch Two-way Passive Speaker

EAW QX596i Black 90° x 60° 3-Way Full Range Weather Protected Loudspeaker


EAW's QX596i delivers a harmonious blend of high output, extensive pattern control, and symmetrical sound design, encapsulating the future of acoustic excellence in one compact enclosure.

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QX596i Black


  • Uncompromising audio clarity and power
  • Advanced engineering for unmatched sonic excellence
  • Cutting-edge waveguide design for even sound distribution
  • Rugged construction for reliability in professional settings
  • Versatile mounting options for flexible integration
  • Perfect for concert venues, theaters, and recording studios
  • Elevate your audio experience with the EAW QX596i Black loudspeaker – a testament to craftsmanship and innovation that delivers unparalleled sound quality in every detail.

EAW QX596i Black: Unleash Sonic Excellence in Every Detail
Elevate your audio experience with the EAW QX596i Black loudspeaker – a true masterpiece of engineering and craftsmanship that redefines sonic excellence. Designed to deliver uncompromising audio quality, this speaker is a testament to EAW's commitment to innovation and precision.

Unmatched Audio Clarity and Power
The EAW QX596i Black is more than a loudspeaker – it's a sonic masterpiece. With its advanced engineering, it delivers unmatched audio clarity and power that captures every nuance of your music or sound production. Whether you're in a live concert setting, a recording studio, or any audio environment, the QX596i Black ensures your sound is heard in all its richness and detail.

Immersive Sound Projection
Featuring cutting-edge technology, the QX596i Black excels in sound projection. Its precisely engineered components and advanced waveguide design ensure that sound is distributed evenly and accurately throughout the venue. This results in an immersive audio experience that reaches every corner of the space with unparalleled clarity and presence.

Rugged Design for Reliability
Built to withstand the demands of professional use, the QX596i Black boasts a rugged design that prioritizes reliability. Its durable construction ensures that it can handle the rigors of touring, installations, and various applications without compromising on performance. Whether you're on the road or setting up in a fixed installation, this speaker is ready to deliver exceptional sound every time.

Flexible Integration and Setup
The QX596i Black isn't just about exceptional sound – it's also designed for ease of integration and setup. Its versatile mounting options and compact footprint make it adaptable to different spaces and configurations. Whether you need to fly it, stack it, or mount it, the QX596i Black offers flexibility without sacrificing its pristine audio quality.

Applications and Possibilities
From concert venues and theaters to recording studios and beyond, the EAW QX596i Black transforms any audio environment into a realm of sonic excellence. Whether you're an audio professional, musician, or venue owner, this loudspeaker is a versatile tool that enhances your sound production and captivates your audience.

More Information
MPN QX596i Black
Brand EAW
Product Condition New
Availability Out of Stock
Frequency Response
55hz – 20khz
145 dB
Operating Mode

Bi-amp (Passive MF/HF) LF, MF/HF
External Signal Processing: DSP w/EAW Focusing


LF 4x 12 in. cone
MF 1x. 2 in. exit 3.5 in. compression
HF 1x 2 in. exit, 1.75 in compression driver

Nominal Beamwidth
Horizontal: 90
Vertical: 60
Power Handling

LF: 2000W @ 2ohms (single amp), 1000W @ 4ohms (2x pairs)
Passive MF/HF: 175W @ 8ohms


Barrier Strip


Height: 28 in (710 mm)
Width: 28 in (710 mm)
Depth: 23.8 in (605 mm)


149 lbs (68 kg)