JBL Control 14C/T Two-Way 4″ Coaxial Ceiling Loudspeaker (Pair)


EAW QX596i Black 90° x 60° 3-Way Full Range Weather Protected Loudspeaker

JBL Control 25-1 Indoor/Outdoor Surface-Mount Speakers - White (Pair)

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200W 5.25" 2-way Indoor/Outdoor Speaker - White
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CONTROL 25-1-WH (Pair)


  • 5.25-inch woven fiberglass cone woofer for stellar low-end performance
  • 0.75-inch PEI-diaphragm tweeter for crisp high frequencies
  • 60Hz-20kHz frequency response ensures rich and full-range sound
  • Wide 100-degree x 100-degree coverage for complete area immersion
  • InvisiBall hardware for easy mounting in diverse locations
  • Weather-resistant build for indoor and outdoor application
  • Stylish contemporary design fits any aesthetic

Unleash the Power of Crystal-Clear Sound
The JBL Control 25-1 compact speaker is the embodiment of sonic richness, offering broad frequency response and wide coverage. Designed for a myriad of applications, from retail stores to theme parks and leisure venues, this speaker provides quality sound wherever it is needed. Its compact build and contemporary design ensure that it not only sounds good but also looks fantastic in any setting.

Versatility in Design and Application
Ideal for background music, paging, or even foreground sound enhancement, the JBL Control 25-1 offers a versatile solution for various business needs. Be it in a health club, restaurant, or educational facility, this speaker delivers high-fidelity sound that can set the ambiance or get a message across.

Built for Exceptional Sound Quality
Equipped with a 5.25-inch woven fiberglass cone woofer, the Control 25-1 ensures robust low-end response. The addition of a 0.75-inch PEI-diaphragm tweeter with fluid cooling brings out the high frequencies, resulting in a balanced sound profile that resonates with clarity and depth. With a frequency response ranging from 60Hz to 20kHz, every note is reproduced with precision and character.

Wide Coverage for a Complete Audio Experience
With a 100-degree x 100-degree sound coverage, the JBL Control 25-1 fills your entire area with captivating sound. Whether you need to cover a broad retail space or a cozy cafe, this compact speaker ensures that everyone in the room enjoys the full spectrum of its rich audio.

InvisiBall Mounting: Simple and Elegant
Ease of installation is one of the key strengths of the Control 25-1. Thanks to its built-in InvisiBall mounting hardware, it can be mounted almost anywhere without any fuss. The weather-resistant enclosure and transducers further ensure that it can be used both indoors and outdoors, maintaining its excellent performance irrespective of the environment.

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