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dbx 1231 12 Series - Dual 31 Band Graphic Equalizer

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12 Series - Rackmount Dual 31 Band Graphic Equalizer
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  • Switchable boost/cut ranges for precise control
  • Electronically balanced/unbalanced inputs and servo balanced/unbalanced outputs
  • RF filtered inputs and outputs for pristine audio quality
  • Various connectivity options (XLR, Barrier Strip, 1/4" TRS)
  • -12dB/+12dB input gain range for optimal adjustment
  • 18dB/octave 40Hz Bessel low-cut filter for enhanced clarity
  • Chassis/signal ground lift capability to eliminate ground loops
  • Internal power supply transformer for robust performance
  • Power-off hardwire relay bypass with 2-second power-up delay for reliability

Achieve Precision Audio Control with the dbx 1231 Graphic Equalizer
When it comes to shaping your audio to perfection, the dbx 1231 Graphic Equalizer is your ultimate tool. With its array of features and precise control capabilities, this professional-grade equalizer empowers you to sculpt your sound with unparalleled accuracy and finesse.

Total Control at Your Fingertips
The dbx 1231 offers switchable boost/cut ranges of ±6 or ±15 dB, giving you the flexibility to make subtle adjustments or dramatic changes to your audio. This level of control ensures that you can fine-tune every aspect of your sound, whether it's for live performances, recording sessions, or installations.

Engineered for Clarity
Designed with professional audio in mind, the dbx 1231 features electronically balanced/unbalanced inputs and servo balanced/unbalanced outputs. Its RF filtered inputs and outputs contribute to pristine audio quality by minimizing interference and noise.

Versatile Connectivity
Connectivity options abound with the dbx 1231. It features XLR, Barrier Strip, and 1/4" TRS connectors, providing you with various options for integrating it into your setup. The -12dB/+12dB input gain range lets you adjust the level to suit your specific needs.

Enhanced Filtering and Bypass Options
To further refine your audio, the dbx 1231 includes an 18dB/octave 40Hz Bessel low-cut filter. This filter effectively eliminates unwanted low-frequency rumble and interference, leaving you with a clean and focused sound. Additionally, the chassis/signal ground lift capability helps eliminate ground loops for optimal audio quality.

Built for Durability and Performance
The dbx 1231 is designed to withstand the demands of professional audio environments. With its internal power supply transformer and power-off hardwire relay bypass with a 2-second power-up delay, you can trust in the reliability and longevity of this equalizer.

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