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dbx 1231 12 Series - Dual 31 Band Graphic Equalizer

dbx 1215 Dual 15-band Graphic Equalizer

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2U Rackmount Dual 15-band 2/3-octave Graphic Equalizer with 45mm Sliders, Switchable ±6dB/±15dB Boost/Cut Ranges, 8dB/Octave 40Hz Bessel Low-cut Filter, RF-filtered I/O, and Power-up Delay
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  • Dual 15-band 2/3-octave graphic equalizer housed in a 2U rackmount design
  • User-friendly tool for tailored sound sculpting
  • Selectable boost and cut ranges for customized precision
  • Specialized low-cut filter to remove unwanted low-frequency content
  • Noise-minimizing design with magnetically isolated transformer
  • Long-lasting construction with power-off protection

Sculpt Your Sound with Precision
The dbx 1215 is a professional-grade dual 15-band graphic equalizer that empowers you to craft your audio experience with the utmost finesse. Designed with simplicity in mind, yet loaded with advanced features, this equalizer makes shaping the sound of your rig a delightful process. From studio recordings to live performances, the 1215 stands as a reliable tool for audio enhancement.

Fine-Tune with Flexibility
With switchable ±6dB/±15dB boost and cut ranges, the 1215 offers you the flexibility to choose your desired level of precision. Whether you're making subtle adjustments or dramatic changes to your sound, the control is in your hands. Its 15 2/3-octave bands with 45mm sliders ensure smooth and responsive equalization.

Minimize Low-Frequency Mud
Dealing with problematic low frequencies? The 1215’s 18dB/octave 40Hz Bessel low-cut filter offers a streamlined solution. By effectively minimizing low-frequency mud, it helps maintain clarity and focus in your audio, ensuring that your sound always remains vibrant and defined.

Low-Noise Design for Professional Use
The dbx 1215's magnetically isolated transformer and servo-balanced, RF-filtered inputs and outputs make it a champion in noise reduction. By minimizing noise, it ensures that the purity of your sound is preserved, delivering top-notch performance fit for professional environments.

Built to Last
Durability is a defining trait of the dbx 1215. Encased in a robust steel/aluminum chassis, it is constructed to withstand the rigors of constant use. Additionally, the power-off hardwire relay bypass with a 2-second power-up delay safeguards against potential damage, prolonging the life of this invaluable tool.

Ideal for Various Applications
Suitable for both live sound engineers and studio professionals, the dbx 1215 is a versatile addition to any audio setup. Whether you’re on stage or in the studio, its exceptional functionality and robust build make it an indispensable asset.

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