Electro-Voice EVID 4.2T Dual 4" 2‑way surface-mount loudspeaker (Pair)


Electro-Voice EVID 6.2T Two-way Twin 6" Woofer and 1" Horn Loaded Loudspeaker (sold and priced per pair)

Electro-Voice EVID-4.2 Passive 2-Way 400W Installation Speaker with Dual 4" Woofers & 1" Tweeter (Pair, White)

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Rugged surface-mount weather-resistant installation monitor in white finish
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  • Experience extended low-end reproduction with dual 4" woofers, carefully shielded to accommodate close placement near video and computer monitors.
  • The 1" Coherent Coverage Waveguide Horn tweeter disperses mids and highs with even precision, ensuring every note is delivered with clarity and brilliance.
  • Crafted with precision, the titanium dome tweeter houses neodymium magnets, contributing to the EVID 4.2's superior sound quality.
  • Treated woofer cones and a durable zinc-plated steel grille not only enhance sound quality but also ensure the speaker's longevity and resilience.
  • Dual bass ports enhance low-end clarity and definition, allowing you to fully experience the intricate layers of your audio.
  • The cast aluminum Strong-Arm Mount (SAM) offers 100° of swing and 90° of rotation, giving you the freedom to position the EVID 4.2 precisely to your preferences.

EVOKE Brilliance with the Electro-Voice EVID 4.2 Full-Range Installation Speaker
Step into a world of immersive sound with the extraordinary EVID 4.2 installation speaker. Designed to captivate and elevate your auditory experience, this dynamic pair delivers a symphony of sound that resonates in any space. With a sleek and sophisticated white finish, the EVID 4.2 effortlessly blends aesthetics and audio prowess, making it an ideal choice for bars, bistros, retail havens, and intimate outdoor venues.

Unleash Sonic Splendor
The EVID 4.2 redefines compact power, housing dual 4" woofers that replicate the deep bass response of larger counterparts. Complementing this rich low-end reproduction, the 1" waveguide-coupled titanium tweeter ushers in a world of controlled mid- and high-frequency brilliance, ensuring every note is crisp and clear. With a peak power handling capacity of 400W, this installation speaker is poised to create audio magic that resonates.

Versatility and Precision in Design
Featuring the exclusive cast-aluminum SAM (Strong-Arm Mount) assembly, the EVID 4.2 offers unparalleled flexibility in placement. Whether surface or ceiling mounted, the SAM assembly empowers you to direct sound with precision and finesse, enhancing the auditory experience for every listener. The weather-resistant enclosure and magnetic driver shielding further elevate this speaker's adaptability, enabling dependable outdoor placement and close integration with video and computer monitors.

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