Electro-Voice EVID 4.2 Compact Full-range Speaker Pair - Black


Electro-Voice EVID-4.2 Passive 2-Way 400W Installation Speaker with Dual 4" Woofers & 1" Tweeter (Pair, White)

Electro-Voice EVID 4.2T Dual 4" 2‑way surface-mount loudspeaker (Pair)

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Two-way twin 4" woofer and 1" horn loaded 100 x 90 tweeter. Internal 70/100-volt line transformer. Black cabinet. Includes mounting system. (sold and priced per pair)
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  • Your audio investment is secure with full-bandwidth overload protection for both LF and HF components.
  • For sophisticated distributed systems, the "T" version is available, designed for seamless integration into 70 or 100 V setups.

Elevate Your Sound with the Powerful Dual-Woofer EVID 4.2 Installation Speakers
Experience sound like never before with the exceptional EVID 4.2 installation speakers. Unleash vibrant audio and cutting-edge technology in a sleek, compact design that fits perfectly into your surroundings. This two-way marvel features twin 4" woofers and a 1" horn loaded 100 x 90 tweeter, offering a harmonious blend of power and precision. Whether you're setting the mood in a restaurant, infusing energy into a bar, enhancing an outdoor patio, or captivating retail spaces, the EVID 4.2 thrives in diverse environments, making it a versatile addition to your audio setup.

Unmatched Performance, Unparalleled Versatility
The EVID 4.2 boasts a vented LF enclosure, producing rich, resonant low-end frequencies that captivate your audience. Its 1-inch titanium diaphragm HF driver, featuring neodymium magnetic structure, ensures crystal-clear mid- and high-frequency reproduction. With the Coherent Coverage Waveguide, sound is evenly dispersed, eliminating dead spots and immersing every corner in sonic brilliance.

Seamless Integration, Impeccable Aesthetics
Crafted for perfection, the EVID 4.2 offers an elliptical weather-resistant ABS enclosure, making it a perfect companion for outdoor installations. The option of a paintable black or white finish allows you to tailor the speaker to your décor, ensuring a harmonious blend with your environment. Magnetically shielded for video applications, the EVID 4.2 stands ready to enrich both audio and visual experiences.

Precision and Flexibility in Placement
Equipped with the innovative Strong-Arm Mount (SAM), the EVID 4.2 offers 100° of swing and 90° of rotation, allowing effortless, precise aiming for optimal sound distribution. This mount empowers you to shape the auditory landscape to your liking, adapting the audio delivery to your specific setting.

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