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dbx 580 500 Series Microphone Preamp

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500 Series Professional Microphone Preamp
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  • Premium low-noise microphone preamp with up to 60dB of gain
  • Variable-frequency low-cut filter to eliminate low-frequency rumble
  • Low and high detail equalization controls for tonal shaping
  • 20dB pad for handling high-output sources
  • Polarity invert switch to correct phase issues
  • +48V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • 1/4" front panel instrument input for versatility
  • VU meter and peak indicator for visual level monitoring

Achieve High-Quality Audio Capture with the dbx 580 Mic Preamp
The dbx 580 is a premium microphone preamp that offers a range of features to ensure high-quality audio capture for your recordings. Whether you're working in a professional studio or a home setup, the dbx 580 provides essential tools to enhance your audio signals.

High-Quality Mic Preamp
The dbx 580 features a high-quality microphone preamp with up to 60dB of gain. This allows you to capture the subtle nuances of your microphone sources with clarity and precision. The low-noise design ensures that your recordings remain clean and free from unwanted background noise.

Variable-Frequency Low-Cut Filter
The built-in variable-frequency low-cut filter helps eliminate unwanted low-frequency rumble and vibrations from your recordings. By selecting the appropriate cutoff frequency, you can tailor the filter to match your specific recording environment and source material.

Low and High Detail Equalization
The dbx 580 includes low and high detail equalization controls that allow you to fine-tune the tonal balance of your recordings. These controls give you the flexibility to adjust the frequencies that contribute to the overall character of your audio.

Pad, Polarity Invert, and Phantom Power
The 20dB pad feature ensures that you can accommodate high-output sources without distortion, maintaining the integrity of your recordings. The polarity invert switch helps you correct phase issues when using multiple microphones. Additionally, the +48V phantom power option allows you to use condenser microphones that require power to operate.

Front Panel Instrument Input
The dbx 580 is equipped with a 1/4" front panel instrument input, making it versatile for capturing both microphone and instrument sources. This feature is especially handy when recording guitars, basses, or other instruments directly.

VU Meter and Peak Indicator
The built-in VU meter provides visual feedback on the input signal's level, helping you ensure optimal gain staging. The peak indicator alerts you if the input signal reaches a level that could cause clipping or distortion.

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