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dbx 286s Channel Strip with De-esser

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1-channel Channel Strip with Compressor, Expander/Gate, De-esser, and Enhancer Sections
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  • Studio-grade mic preamp with versatile features
  • Classic dbx OverEasy compression for smooth sound
  • Tunable de-esser to reduce high-frequency distortion
  • Enhancer for defining high and low frequencies
  • Adaptive expander/gate for noise control
  • Insert path for adding external processors
  • Comprehensive meters and status LEDs
  • +48V Phantom Power
  • Precision-engineered detented controls

Revolutionize Your Vocal Performance
Introducing the dbx 286s channel strip, your ultimate solution to achieving the perfect vocal sound. Whether you're working in a studio or performing live, the 286s comes packed with an array of powerful tools that are designed to transform your vocals into a professional masterpiece.

Top-Notch Microphone Preamplifier
At its core, the 286s functions as an exceptional microphone preamplifier. Equipped with +48V phantom power, an 80Hz highpass filter, and an extensive range of gain control, this device ensures that your vocals are captured with absolute clarity and precision. Make your voice shine with the 286s's preamp section!

Achieve Smooth and Expressive Vocals with OverEasy Compression
The 286s sports the renowned dbx's classic OverEasy soft knee compression, allowing you to smooth out your vocals without losing their natural expressiveness. Achieve professional sound effortlessly with this state-of-the-art compression technique.

Eliminate Unwanted Sounds
From unwanted sibilance to harsh cymbal sounds, the 286s's frequency-tunable de-esser offers a highly effective solution. This essential tool not only refines your vocals but adds an extra layer of polish to your overall sound.

Enhance Your Sound with Brilliance
Bring life to your music with the 286s's enhancer section. Boost the low-end resonance and add a sparkle to the high frequencies, creating a rich and full-bodied sound that captivates the audience. This enhancer truly adds the finishing touch to your performance.

Control Noise with Expander/Gate and Add External Processors
With the program-adaptive expander/gate, you can reduce ambient noise and achieve a clean and crisp sound. Plus, the external "loop out" insert path allows you to integrate additional processors like EQs, making the 286s a versatile fit for any setup.

Perfect Fit for Any Rig
Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding artist, the dbx 286s channel strip is designed to cater to all your vocal processing needs. Its comprehensive features make it a must-have tool that fits perfectly into any rig, delivering quality and performance that stands out.

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