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Crown CDi4x300 CDi DriveCore 4|300 Power Amplifier

Analog input, 4 channel, 300W per output channel, Amplifier
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  • DriveCore Technology offers superior performance, lesser power usage, and heightened reliability
  • Full integration with HiQnet Audio Architect for enhanced configuration and control
  • Real-time monitoring and command over TCP/IP
  • Intuitive color LCD and front panel for effortless configuration and monitoring
  • Versatile GPIO (general purpose input/output) control port
  • Digital signal processing including EQ filters, crossover, and LevelMAX™ limiters
  • Import support for FIR filter coefficients
  • Comprehensive 20 device presets with 19 customizable options
  • Efficient 96kHz/32-bit floating-point signal processing
  • Adaptable universal power supply featuring PFC for minimized current draw
  • Energy-conserving modes and remote power off capabilities
  • Dual 70Vrms/100Vrms direct drive options
  • Independent configuration capabilities for each channel
  • Cutting-edge protection circuits safeguarding against common amplifier risks
  • Commitment to GreenEdge by HARMAN’s eco-friendly principles
  • In-built tunings compatible with various JBL speaker models
  • Seamless support for BSS Audio Soundweb Contrio Ethernet wall controllers

Revolutionize Your Sound Experience
Dive into a new era of sound amplification with the CDi DriveCore 4|300 series. Seamlessly integrating advanced technology, inspired by our flagship Installed Sound amplifier, this device is not just an amplifier—it's a testament to unmatched audio performance. Built for diverse applications, it's ideal for establishments ranging from bustling restaurants to serene retail stores.

Optimized for Every Venue
Imagine an amplifier crafted specifically for small to medium-sized installations. The 4|300 doesn’t stop at providing four channels of unparalleled sound. With its capacity to support up to 100Vrms speaker loads without a transformer, it stands out in its league. Furthermore, its compatibility with pre-loaded JBL speaker tunings ensures installations are swifter and more efficient.

Empower with DriveCore
Efficiency meets brilliance. DriveCore technology, unique to Crown, is a marvel in itself. By merging hundreds of components into a singular amplifier, it not only elevates audio fidelity but also ensures increased reliability, all while embodying an efficient design.

Elevate Control with Digital Integration
Step into the future with HARMAN's HiQnet Audio Architect software. The CDi DriveCore 4|300 is not just another amplifier—it's an integrated, smart solution. From real-time control, configuration, to monitoring over a standard TCP/IQ network, experience audio management like never before.

The Magic of DSP
On-board Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is the silent hero behind custom configurations. From an 8-band input and output Parametric EQ, crossovers to LevelMAX Limiters, and delays up to 1000ms, it's the tool that brings life to sound.

Potential Applications
Designed to cater to an array of settings, this amplifier is your go-to for commercial spaces looking for a sonic uplift. Whether you're enhancing the ambiance of a restaurant, creating an immersive retail shopping experience, or any medium-sized venue, the CDi DriveCore 4|300 ensures you strike the right chord with your audience.

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