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EAW RS118 18" Self Powered Subwoofer

18" Self Powered Subwoofer
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RS118 - 120V


  • Premium transducers and DynO™ dynamic optimization processing
  • 1500 watts of Class-D amplification
  • Ergonomic handles, rugged grille, RoadCoat enclosure, and more
  • Seamless integration with RS and LA Series companion products
  • Perfect for live performances, concerts, installations, and more
  • Elevate your audio experience with the EAW RS118 - 120V. Its remarkable sound quality, robust amplification, and durability make it the ultimate solution for professionals who demand excellence in their audio endeavors.

EAW RS118 - 120V: Power and Precision Redefined
Introducing the EAW RS118 - 120V, a remarkable embodiment of audio excellence that sets new standards for performance and reliability. With its exceptional features and cutting-edge technology, this subwoofer is poised to elevate your sound experience to unprecedented heights. Whether you're an audio professional, musician, or enthusiast, the RS118 - 120V is your gateway to sonic brilliance.

Premium Transducers and Dynamic Optimization
The heart of the RS118 - 120V is the fusion of premium transducers and EAW's signature DynO™ dynamic optimization processing. This combination ensures that every bass note, every rumble, and every impact is delivered with breathtaking accuracy and precision. Experience the depth and richness of your music like never before, courtesy of EAW's commitment to sonic perfection.

Amplification Powerhouse
With 1500 watts of Class-D Power Factor Corrected amplification, the RS118 - 120V stands as a testament to unparalleled amplification prowess. This immense power guarantees that your low-frequency content is not only heard but felt, making it the ideal choice for venues, events, and productions that demand deep and impactful bass.

Built to Endure
Crafted with both performance and durability in mind, the RS118 - 120V boasts ergonomic handles, a rugged grille, RoadCoat enclosure, pole cup, and the option for casters. This robust construction ensures that the subwoofer can withstand the demands of the road, providing you with a reliable and resilient solution for all your audio needs.

Seamless Integration and Versatility
Designed to seamlessly integrate with companion products in the RS and LA Series, the RS118 - 120V offers unparalleled versatility and expandability. Whether you're creating a comprehensive sound system or enhancing your existing setup, this subwoofer effortlessly integrates, allowing you to tailor your audio experience with precision.

Applications and Possibilities
The EAW RS118 - 120V finds its home in a wide range of applications, from live performances and concerts to installations and venues. Its exceptional sound quality and sturdy design make it a go-to choice for professionals seeking a subwoofer that can deliver impactful and immersive bass reproduction.

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