EAW RS118 18" Self Powered Subwoofer


Electro-Voice ELX200-12S 12 inch Passive Subwoofer

EAW RSX18F 18" High Output Powered Subwoofer

Flyable and ultra-compact, ideal for installs or other applications with minimal floor space for subwoofers. The RSX18F features onboard electronics and ultra-wide ports that drastically reduce low-frequency turbulence.
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  • Compact and flyable design for space-constrained environments
  • EAWmosaic™ iOS app for system prediction, control, and monitoring
  • Proven acoustical design and DSP with Focusing™ and DynO™ technology
  • Integrated Dante™ networking for seamless connectivity

EAW RSX18F: Compact Excellence for Ultimate Audio Control
Introducing the EAW RSX18F, a compact and flyable loudspeaker that redefines audio excellence in a space-saving design. Engineered for both installments and aesthetics, this speaker delivers a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and exceptional sound quality. Get ready to experience audio like never before with the RSX18F.

Space-Saving Elegance
The RSX18F is designed with a compact and flyable form factor, making it a perfect choice for venues with limited floor space or unique aesthetic demands. Don't compromise on audio quality or style—this speaker combines both in a sleek package that seamlessly integrates into any environment.

Advanced EAWmosaic™ Control
Take control of your audio like never before with the EAWmosaic™ iOS app. Designed for simplicity and accessibility, this app empowers you to predict, monitor, and control your audio system from any location within the venue. With EAWmosaic™, you have the tools to optimize your sound experience with ease.

Acoustic Excellence
The RSX18F is backed by EAW's proven acoustical design and advanced DSP technology. Featuring Focusing™ and DynO™ capabilities, this speaker ensures that you enjoy a pristine impulse response at any output level. Whether you're playing at low or high volumes, the RSX18F delivers uncompromising sound quality.

Integrated Dante™ Networking
Experience seamless connectivity with integrated Dante™ networking on all models of the RSX18F. With the added convenience of loop-thru and analog redundancy capability, you have the freedom to connect and control your audio system with confidence.

Unleash the Power of Sound
The EAW RSX18F isn't just a loudspeaker—it's a testament to audio innovation and excellence. Whether you're setting up an intimate venue, a stylish installation, or any other space with specific audio needs, the RSX18F delivers the ultimate solution. Get ready to experience exceptional sound quality, seamless control, and unmatched connectivity. Elevate your audio experience with the EAW RSX18F and unleash the power of sound like never before.

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