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Focusrite ISA428 MkII - 4 Channel Rackmount Microphone Preamp

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4-channel Transformer-based Mic/Instrument Preamp
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ISA 428 MkII


  • 4 classic transformer-based preamps
  • Switchable impedance offering unmatched microphone harmonization and extended creativity
  • The revered ISA 110 setting integrated
  • Front panel featuring multiple instrument inputs, eliminating the need for external DI boxes
  • Analog insert points on each channel, facilitating routing through added external processors
  • Consistent high-pass Focusrite filters across all channels, reminiscent of the original ISA428
  • LED meters for every channel, calibrated to capture the quickest and subtlest of transients
  • Sturdy 2U chassis design
  • Optional A/D card introducing 8 channels of avant-garde conversion, scaling up to 192kHz
  • Complimentary Brainworx bx_console, mirroring Focusrite’s ISA 110 and ISA 130 modules
  • A solid 3-year warranty, underlining our commitment to quality.

Unveiling the Focusrite ISA428 MkII
Stepping into the spotlight is the ISA428 MkII from Focusrite, a four-channel microphone preamp, epitomizing the prowess of Focusrite's iconic transformer-based preamps. Packed with selectable input impedance, immediate instrument inputs, and an optional boost of eight channels of premium analog to digital conversion, this unit is meticulously crafted for the discerning audio professional, regardless of the recording medium chosen.

Transparency Meets Warmth
The celebrated ISA microphone preamp is renowned for its unrivaled transparency with a tinge of warmth - a signature of transformer core saturation. Elevating its prowess, the innovative variable impedance circuit gifts you the freedom to harmonize the preamp with any microphone. Or, tread the path of creativity, shaping the microphone’s sound with different impedance settings.

Frequency Response Like No Other
Focusrite preamps aren't just about clarity; they are about range. With an astoundingly broad frequency response, hovering near the 200 kHz mark at its zenith, it pledges an impeccable phase response across the entire human auditory spectrum. Moving the roll-off point well outside the bounds of human hearing, it offers a warmth and a sparkling, unrestricted range of high frequencies - reminiscent of the classic Focusrite designs of the mid-80s.

State-of-the-Art Analog Conversion
Take a leap into the future with the optional eight-channel analog converter. Nested within is the magic of Burr-Brown amplifiers coupled with the PCM4220 A-D converter chips, all cradled within Focusrite's bespoke analog circuitry. Flaunting a dynamic range of 122dB and ultra-low jitter performance, it effortlessly interfaces with digital workstations, courtesy of the 25-pin D-type connector.

Bonus for the Modern Producer
Embrace the legacy with the Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC channel-strip plug-in. A digital echo of the illustrious and scarce Focusrite Studio Console. Though only ten of these consoles graced the world, you can now summon its legendary sound directly within your Digital Audio Workstation.

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