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AKG D40 Professional Dynamic Instrument Microphone

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Dynamic Instrument Microphone Designed for Drums and Percussions, Wind Instruments and Guitar Amps
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  • Patented Varimotion diaphragm eliminates high resonance peaks, delivering superior sound.
  • Captures your instrument's sound with precision, rejecting ambient noise.
  • Solid all-metal body withstands the hardships of onstage use.
  • Sturdy wire-mesh cap protects the transducer from high sound pressure levels.
  • Integrated stand adapter and H440 mounting bracket accommodate drums, wind instruments, and guitar amps.
  • Elevate drum beats, amplify guitar riffs, and bring wind instrument melodies to life.

Unleash Your Performance: AKG D40 Professional Instrumental Microphone
Elevate your onstage presence with the AKG D40 Professional Instrumental Microphone. Crafted to withstand the rigors of relentless performances, this microphone's solid all-metal body ensures durability without compromising on audio excellence. Step onto the stage with confidence, knowing that the D40's patented Varimotion diaphragm, constructed from unique laminated material, guarantees exceptional audio quality by damping high resonance peaks and revolutionizing your sound experience.

Unparalleled Sound: Your Sound, Perfected
The AKG D40 boasts a cardioid polar pattern that captures your instrument's sound with precision while rejecting unwanted ambient noise, ensuring your performance takes center stage. Its advanced Varimotion diaphragm design sets a new standard in audio performance, delivering impeccable clarity and articulation that resonates with your audience. With the D40, your sound will shine bright, cutting through the mix with unmatched brilliance.

Built to Withstand, Designed to Impress
Night-after-night, the AKG D40 embraces the challenges of live performances with unwavering resilience. Its sturdy wire-mesh cap shields the transducer, allowing it to effortlessly handle extreme sound pressure levels. This microphone is not just durable – it's a reliable companion that meets the demands of professional musicians, delivering consistent, exceptional sound on any stage.

Versatility Unleashed: Drums, Wind Instruments, Guitar Amps, and More
Whether you're a drummer, percussionist, wind instrumentalist, or guitarist, the AKG D40 is your versatile partner. An integrated stand adapter, combined with the included H440 mounting bracket, ensures seamless compatibility with a wide range of instruments. Elevate your drum beats, amplify your guitar riffs, and breathe life into your wind instrument melodies – the D40 adapts to your musical journey, providing a dynamic and captivating sound.

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