Chauvet DJ Obey 40 D-Fi 2.4 192-Ch Wireless DMX Lighting Controller


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Chauvet DJ Obey 70 384-channel DMX Lighting Controller

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14-fader (plus 2 master faders)/384-channel 3-pin DMX Controller with 14 Faders, an Assignable XY Joystick, 240 Lighting Scenes (30 Banks of 8) and Support for Up to 12 Intelligent Lights, Chauvet Strobe Lights, Chauvet Fog Machines, and MIDI Input
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  • Control up to 12 DMX-enabled lighting fixtures with 16 channels each
  • Dedicated buttons for strobes and fog machines with synchronized LED indicators
  • Tap-sync button and beat activation for seamless music coordination
  • 14 reversible faders, speed time fader, fade time fader, and assignable pressure-sensitive joystick
  • Store up to 6 sets of sequentially linkable light chases with up to 240 scenes over 384 channels
  • Intuitive LCD display provides real-time visual feedback
  • MIDI compatible for expanded programming options and external MIDI device triggering

Master Your Light Show: CHAUVET Obey 70 Universal DMX-512 Controller

Unleash the full potential of your light show with the CHAUVET Obey 70 Universal DMX-512 Controller. Elevate your lighting experience to new heights as you take command of up to 12 DMX-enabled lighting fixtures, each offering 16 channels of unparalleled control. Designed for seamless integration and maximum versatility, this 4RU rack-mountable controller is your gateway to crafting stunning visual spectacles that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Precision and Power
Designed for professionals who demand precision and power, the Obey 70 provides an expansive canvas to create intricate lighting displays. Control DMX-enabled fixtures, strobes, and fog machines with dedicated buttons that put the magic at your fingertips. With a 1/4" connector for strobes and a 5-pin connector for fog machines, you have complete mastery over the elements that enhance your performance.

Synchronize with Sound
Elevate your performances to symphonic levels by effortlessly coordinating your lighting with the rhythm of the music. The LED button on the strobe control mirrors the strobe's rate, creating a harmonious fusion of light and sound that transforms any space into an immersive experience.

Intuitive Control, Endless Creativity
Discover a world of creative possibilities with 14 reversible faders, a speed time fader, and a fade time fader. The assignable pressure-sensitive joystick opens doors to boundless innovation, allowing you to program lighting shows with precision and finesse.

Seamless Sequences
Unleash your imagination and craft stunning lighting sequences with ease. Store up to 6 sets of sequentially linkable light chases, each boasting up to 240 scenes over 384 channels of DMX control. Your vision takes center stage as you seamlessly transition from scene to scene, transforming any space into a canvas of vibrant visual storytelling.

Visual Feedback, Boundless Control
Navigate effortlessly through your light show using the intuitive LCD display, providing real-time visual feedback that ensures every command is executed flawlessly. The Obey 70 isn't just a controller; it's your creative companion, empowering you to bring your artistic visions to life with precision and passion.

MIDI Compatibility for Limitless Exploration
Expand your creative horizons even further with MIDI compatibility. Program intricate shows using your computer and a MIDI interface or trigger changes with external MIDI devices. This feature-rich controller embraces innovation, allowing you to push the boundaries of your light shows beyond imagination.

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