Chauvet DJ Obey 40 192-channel DMX Lighting Controller


Chauvet DJ Obey 70 384-channel DMX Lighting Controller

Chauvet DJ Obey 40 D-Fi 2.4 192-Ch Wireless DMX Lighting Controller

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8-fader (plus 2 master faders)/192-channel 3-pin DMX Controller with 240 Lighting Scenes (30 Banks of 8) and Support for Up to 12 Intelligent Lights/Zones, Chauvet Strobe Lights, Chauvet Fog Machines, MIDI Input, and Onboard D-Fi 2.4GHz Transmitter
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  • Seamlessly interface with up to 12 light fixtures with D-Fi technology
  • Craft captivating performances with up to 240 programmable scenes
  • Shape atmosphere with dedicated strobe and fog controls
  • Harness the synergy of MIDI compatibility, autorun, and sound-activated functionality
  • Revolutionize setup with built-in D-Fi 2.4 GHz transmitter, eliminating wired DMX connections
  • Embrace wireless connectivity through D-Fi-enabled CHAUVET DJ fixtures or D-FI USB module (available separately)
  • Versatile 3 RU rackmounted unit or convenient desktop control surface
  • Safely transport and protect in separately available CHS-30 VIP gear bag

Total Wireless Control: CHAUVET DJ Obey 40 DMX Controller

Transform your light show into a symphony of creativity and precision with the CHAUVET DJ Obey 40 DMX Controller. Seamlessly blending technology and innovation, this powerful controller offers total wireless mastery over your lighting setup, whether you're orchestrating a captivating performance in a small venue or taking your show on the road as a traveling artist.

Unleash Your Vision
With D-Fi technology at its core, the Obey 40 revolutionizes your approach to lighting control. Interface effortlessly with up to 12 individual light fixtures, infusing your venue with a dazzling display of color and movement. This makes it an ideal companion for small-scale performances and the dynamic world of touring artists, where every detail matters.

Elevate Your Creativity
Ignite your imagination and craft unforgettable visual narratives with up to 240 programmable scenes. Immerse your audience in meticulously timed transitions and striking appearances, bringing your creative vision to life with unparalleled precision.

Mastering Atmosphere
Dedicated strobe and fog controls are at your fingertips, enabling you to shape the atmosphere with dramatic intensity. Dive into the art of synchronizing lighting with sound, thanks to the controller's MIDI compatibility, autorun, and sound-activated functionality.

Seamless Integration, Limitless Potential
The Obey 40 transforms complex setups into streamlined experiences. Bid farewell to cable clutter and embrace the future of lighting control. The built-in D-Fi 2.4 GHz transmitter empowers you to connect wirelessly, eliminating the need for traditional wired DMX connections. Discover a world of possibilities as you effortlessly sync multiple CHAUVET DJ light fixtures equipped with built-in D-Fi receivers or enhanced with a D-FI USB module (available separately).

Versatile Design, Ready for Anything
Adaptable to your needs, the CHAUVET DJ Obey 40 effortlessly transitions between roles. Whether you opt for a 3 RU rackmounted installation or a convenient desktop control surface, this controller ensures your control is both intuitive and effective.

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