Yellowtec YT3921 m!ka CamArm black


Master your video setup with the MiKA CamArm, matching the MiKA Mic Arm M for seamless camera integration; featuring an OnAir signal for live status and ideal for desk or interview setups within 31inches

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  • Max range of 31” for optimal camera placement
  • Supports cameras up to 1.5kg for a wide range of video equipment
  • Adjustable friction joints for precise balancing
  • Internal wiring concealed within the arm for a sleek look
  • Constructed from durable, silk-mat anodized aluminum
  • Renowned German craftsmanship for lasting reliability
  • Dual-color On Air indicator for immediate camera status awareness
  • Compatible with the entire m!ka Mounting System for versatile setup options

Enhance Your Visual Content Creation
Step into the world of professional video production with the Yellowtec YT3921 m!ka CamArm, an essential tool for creators seeking unmatched versatility in camera positioning. Designed to mirror the convenience of the renowned m!ka Mic Arm M, this camera arm introduces a new level of precision to your studio, whether for work desks or interview setups. Its sleek black design not only complements any studio aesthetic but also offers functionality that adapts to your creative process.

Precision and Adaptability at Your Fingertips
Achieve the perfect shot every time with the m!ka CamArm's intuitive design. Featuring a few simple knurled screws, this arm allows for professional balancing of your camera, ensuring it stays securely in place. Coupled with the m!ka CamStud, attaching your camera becomes a breeze, providing stability and flexibility for cameras up to 1.5kg.

On Air Confidence
The dual-color OnAir indicator is a game-changer for live productions and video streams. Offering 360° visibility, this feature alerts you to your camera's status, toggling between red for "OnAir" and white for "CameraReady." This instant feedback mechanism is essential for maintaining the flow of your production, ensuring you're always aware of your camera's broadcasting state.

Tailored to Your Creative Needs
The m!ka CamArm is more than just a camera holder; it's a catalyst for creativity. Its adjustable range up to 31” (78.7cm) and versatile mounting options allow you to customize your setup to fit your unique requirements. Whether you're capturing interviews, conducting live streams, or creating content, the m!ka CamArm positions your camera exactly where you need it, when you need it.

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MPN YT3921
Color Black
Brand Yellowtec
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