sE Electronics V PACK US CLUB V Pack feat V Kick, 2 V Beat w/clamps, V7 X, Pair of sE7 with Case


sE Electronics V CLAMP Drum Microphone Mount

sE Electronics V PACK VENUE Drum Microphone Kit

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sE Electronics Drum Mic Package with 1 V Kick Dynamic Mic, 2 V Beat Dynamic Mics, 2 V Clamps, and 1 V7 X Supercardioid Dynamic Mic
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This product includes a 1 year SE Electronics manufacturer's warranty that can be extended to 3 years upon registering the products. Coverage: Se Electronics will, at its option, repair or replace the product covered by this warranty if it becomes defective, malfunctions or otherwise fails to conform with this warranty under normal use and service during the term of this warranty, without charge for labor or materials.


  • All-in-one microphone set for optimal sound
  • V Kick tailored for drum depths and clarity
  • Two V Beat microphones equipped with clamps for precision
  • V7 X dynamic microphone for powerful vocal performance
  • Robust case for easy and safe transportation

Unleash the Power of Your Drum Kit
The sE Electronics V Pack Venue Drum Microphone Package is a comprehensive solution for drummers and sound engineers seeking high-quality audio capture for their drum kits. This package is a perfect addition to your setup if you already have overhead mics, as it provides the essential tools to bring out the best in your drum sound. The V Pack Venue includes a dynamic bass drum mic, two dynamic tom mics with convenient clamps, and a supercardioid mic for the snare, all housed in a durable flight case. This kit is trusted by professionals for both live performances and studio recordings, delivering the full impact and dynamic range of your drum kit.

Compact and Versatile Bass Drum Mic - V Kick
The V Kick microphone stands out in its class for its compact design and versatility. Ideal for kick drums, floor toms, and other large drums, this mic captures low-frequency energy with precision. Its integrated swivel joint offers placement flexibility, while the purpose-built capsule is tailored for bass drums. The V Kick adapts to your preferred sound with two rear switches, ensuring you achieve the desired kick drum tone, from classic punch to modern edge.

Exceptional Snare and Tom Mic - V Beat
The V Beat microphone is a top choice for snare and tom toms, known for its compactness and exceptional sound quality. Its purpose-built capsule produces a natural and detailed sound, perfect for drums of any size. With impressive off-axis rejection, it minimizes spill from nearby drums and cymbals. The V Beat's ultra-compact design and precise positioning capabilities make it a standout choice for capturing the unique character of your snare and toms.

Quick and Easy Mic Mounting - V Clamp
The V Clamp is a versatile and practical drum mic mounting system, compatible with most snare drums and toms. Designed for quick setup and tear-down, it's the perfect companion for the V Beat and other popular mics. Its robust design ensures durability for extensive touring, while the adjustable rod allows for precise mic positioning to capture your desired drum sound with minimal bleed.

Durable and Precise Instrument Mic - V7 X
The V7 X microphone is engineered for durability and exceptional sound quality. Its aluminum voice coil delivers detailed highs and clear lows, making it ideal for various instruments. The supercardioid design offers excellent isolation from stage noise and high gain before feedback. Built to last, the V7 X features a zinc alloy construction and a robust steel mesh grille, ensuring it withstands the rigors of live performances.

Transform Your Drum Sound
Whether you're playing live or recording in the studio, the sE Electronics V Pack Venue Drum Microphone Package is your key to capturing the true essence of your drum kit. Its combination of quality, versatility, and durability makes it a valuable addition to any drummer's arsenal.

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